Monday, July 2, 2012

UK Trip Part VII

In my first post about our stay on Isle of Man, I mentioned that we were fortunate enough to find accommodation in a private home. It was about a third cheaper than staying in one of the three star hotels along the promenade and we had the whole house to ourselves for the week. Not only that, Tracy very kindly left tea, coffee, fresh milk, sliced bread etc for our use. 
 Our accommodation, a whole house, for the week we spent on the Isle of Man

 Grant and I had morning tea at home and at around 8am we'd join Kevin and Clive for breakfast at their two-star bikers/men only establishment. Their B&B had an official name but I only heard it being referred to as "Billy's". Walking from the front door to the dining-room, the proprietor, 74-year-old Billy could be seen sitting in a private lounge just beyond the kitchen.  While his wife Ella, (70) made breakfast ably assisted by a life-long friend, Mary  (71), and Anne (a youthful 65) serving patrons in the dining room, Billy watched the sports channel on telly and downs his first pint of Guiness!
 The last building with the red awnings over the front door and windows, is Billy's, the two star B&B our friends, Kevin and Clive stayed at. We joined them there for breakfast every day

Breakfast at Billy's was one of the highlights of my day. Everybody greeted each other as they came in and you'd hear the news about the weather (what else!), whether there would be racing that day, (the races were stopped or postponed if it was raining) and all manner of interesting tidbits that only a woman can pick up from listening to a whole room full of men.

As for the meals, you could start with fresh orange juice and a bowl of cornflakes. This was followed by a full English breakfast or you could order kippers, which are smoked locally in nearby Peel. Ella kindly made me an omelet every day. There was hot toast, butter and marmalade, as much as you could eat. All this could be washed down with tea or coffee. 

Billy "shuts up shop" once the TT fortnight is over and remains on the island where he was born. Ella returns to Ireland where she has a home for the the other 11 1/2 months of the year. Mary and Ann stay in their respective homes on the island.

I hope you're all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to your week.


  1. Your home for the week must have been awesome. You are lucky to have found this one...

    AND--breakfast at "Billy's" must have been delicious also... How special...

    What a great trip you had.

  2. Oh, I love "Billy's". What a great time you had on the island with a house to yourselves and such a remarkable breakfast to boot!
    Gorgeous looking terrace houses and everything ship shape and Bristol fashion.

  3. How lucky to be able to hire a private house. Looks really nice and the B&B breakfast must have been a treat. We often stay at B&B's and enjoy going to a breakfast room and meeting other travellers.

  4. I just love the house you stayed in Jo! Wish I'd been there with you! Can't wait for your visit to Spain! love Rose xoxox

  5. Jo, sounds like a wonderful stay at the B&B. It is nice to meet other travelers and compare stories. Have a great week ahead.

  6. You sure lucked out with a nice house for the week plus a wonderful breakfast with friends.

  7. Oh how Wonderful!! I would Love to go to England!

  8. It sounds like you are having a great time. I have never been to the Isle of Man.

  9. The house looks great what a chance you had ! Like "Billy's" I love this "institutions in the UK, that each little village has at least a pub a church and a post office !

  10. It's curious that Billy and his wife, Ella, live apart for 11 1/2 months of each year. It sounds like you had an ideal living and eating arrangement there! What a treat--to be served breakfast every morning!


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