Monday, July 9, 2012

UK Trip Part IX

All too soon our nine days on the Isle of Man came to an end. And... surprise, surprise the last race day (Friday) and our last day on the island, Saturday was rainy and cold!

We checked into Sea Terminus but as we walked into the boarding lounge, a voice came over the loudspeakers announcing that our ferry departure was delayed due to bad weather. 

Grant went off to buy a cup of coffee. The queue was very long so when he returned, I barely had time to drink the deliciously hot beverage, when we heard that we could board the ferry.
The ferry is very modern with spacious public lounges, cafes, gift and curio shops, and several bars which served full breakfast menus, snacks and drinks. I'd booked us into a private lounge where we had comfortable seats, magazines on offer and television in the front of the lounge.  A few cups of coffee, a bacon and egg sandwich for Grant and a doughnut for me and we sailed through the journey. Within three hours we arrived at Heysham, our final destination.

Some of the tourist bikers riding their bikes off the ferry onto Heysham harbour

I have many interesting places that we'd visited on the Isle of Man, but I will post about them at a later stage. For now, we'd reached England and were on our way south for a reunion with friends we'd worked with on the West African gold mines and  later in London, a first-time meeting with a blogger friend!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Love your BLOG Jo! At least it keeps me connected to you! your sister, Rose xoxox

  2. catching upwith your trip!
    have a cracking time!

  3. JO, what a lovely vacation you had on the Isle of Man. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Have a great day.

  4. The ferry you described reminded me of ferries Jerry and I rode on in 1977 crossing from Liverpool to Dublin and back and also from Belgium to somewhere in the south of England and back. Jerry got seasick on the ferry crossing the English channel. We got food in the cafeteria of the ferry, and I hungrily ate all of mine, but Jerry was too nauseous to eat.


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