Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scenic spot near Mwadui

Last Sunday, Wessel, the  Client's IT lad (who's helped me many times with my Internet problems!) took us to a new area and later a dam on the outskirts of Mwadui. Apparently many years ago this area housed an expat community.  A thoughtful town planner had planted a lane of trees which, sixty years later are giants. The houses were built in between the trees. If you look closer, you can see the remains of building foundations  (bottom left corner of photo)

The lane between the trees clearly visible 
Not far from this area we stopped at a huge dam
As we drew closer inspection, we saw a selection of waterbirds enjoying the late afternoon sunshine as much as we were. Above is a family of White-faced duck with a Red-knobbed coot in the background
 A White-faced duck glides between the water lilies while I clicked away happily

We drove back with the sun setting rapidly behind the African bush (my post on Friday) and were lucky enough to see a couple of buck near the road. 

While we watched this little buck and it watched us in return, another buck appeared as from nowhere and skipped off into the bush
 The buck which ran off behind the one in my photo before also stopped and stared at us; we stared back and I took a few photos. I think the top one is a female while this one is her mate

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  1. Hummmmm....Ok, I'll try to imagine it...Hahahahaaa....
    Happy weekend sweetie!

  2. Beautiful scenes. I'm so glad someone had the foresight to plant the trees!

  3. Oh, that buck is SO cute. Wonderful sights to be seen in your part of the world, Jo.

  4. lovely scenic posts indeed!

  5. Crazy Internet! Yesterday, there wasn't anything posted here but the title of the post!Hahaaa...Now I see photos!
    Love the duck!!!

  6. No Roman ruins? lol ! but "left overs" of an old camp ! That really is very special !

  7. Beautiful afternoon light in these photos. The deer are gorgeous.

  8. That white-faced duck looks like it's wearing a mask--so cool! Great shots of the little buck. I wonder how the houses disappeared except for small signs of them in ruins.


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