Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From the sublime... the ridiculous!

Grant and I have two sons, who have between them (and their spouses) have given us nine beautiful grandchildren. Only thing is one family (with the mostest grands) lives a couple of thousand kilometers from us here in Marquard. And the other young family lives right next door to us. 

Yesterday I posted about our oldest grandson, Joshua celebrating his ninth birthday. We phoned to wish him and later his dad sent us photos of his birthday party - held on the beach in Mozambique.

Joshua, Eryn and Elijah, (with Bethany watching from the left) 
around the unique birthday cake decorated with licorice all-sorts

And right next door to our house here in Marquard... six-month - old Liam...
...Abby (three) and Joel, (five)

Not to be left out of a post is Skabenga sporting his harness and leash. Although we're not walking him at all yet (it's far too soon), we're teaching him to get used it. 
Not too sure of this contraption! 
Then he realized I was taking photos 
And soon he was posing! 

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Have a great Tuesday, everyone! 


  1. Oh, that expression on Skabengas face in that last shot is PRICELESS!! What a cutie he is!! Fun post for the day, Jo!! And your grandchildren are adorable!! Thanks, as always, for sharing!! Have a great week!!

  2. Hello Jo, Joshua's birthday cake looks delicious. Your grandchildren are all beautiful! And that last shot of Skabenga is just too cute! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. He will get used to walk on a leash ! He looks so cute when he poses ! What a beautiful birthday cake !

  4. Adorable baby and wonderful smile! All gorgeous children! ~ Love the last photo of the doggie ~ expression is priceless!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. Skabenga almost stole the show from your grandkids Jo. Such a shame that the others live so far away but with modern technology and communications it's not nearly so bad as it could be. Liquorice Allsorts - one of my all time favourites which I try to stay clear of these days until I spot bags of Pontefract Cakes.

  6. Your grandkids are precious... and so is that puppy!

  7. You have an adorable family, including the new puppy.


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