Monday, July 13, 2015

Great seeing-machine!

Some months ago Grant visited a hardware shop for spares. On the counter top, he noticed a desk lamp - with a difference. This one had a magnifying glass in front of the globe. He inquired where he could buy one and the salesman told him to go to Builders Warehouse in Bloemfontein (city).

We finally got to this large store during the week and bought one of the two last magnifying desk lamps on the shelf. Grant had bought it for his mother, who is visibly challenged. 

We set it up on my dining table at home and everybody tested it. Fantastic enlargement of the smallest print! Now, the problem was that this item would have to be clamped to a high table in front of the picture window in MIL's room.  MIL has one of my low coffee tables and I visited her to explain that we'd bought her something to help her to read magazines, her Bible and even to see the numbers on her mobile phone. She was thrilled that she would soon be able to read but when I said I'll have to take the coffee table in order to bring a higher one, she said, with a toss of the head: "Well, do what you want!" MIL doesn't like anything to be removed from her room, even if it's replaced by another [similar] item! 

I came home, Grant and I loaded the table and the desk lamp. When we arrived at MIL's room, she was surprised at the size and quality of the lamp I was carrying. Then she saw Grant behind me carrying the table. She said: "I have a suggestion to make; only a suggestion, mind you!" She pointed to the space between her headboard and the built-in-cupboards/closets. She thought this would be the perfect place for the larger table and the desk-lamp-magnifier. She was holding onto the coffee table in front of the window for all that it's worth! 

Grant told her that the table with the lamp clamped onto it,  would go in front of the window as I'd explained to her. This way she'd have natural light during the day and it would also not be cluttering up the room.  

While she shrugged, I quickly whipped the coffee table out and put it in the passage. Grant set the higher table in its place, and clamped the desk lamp onto it. I brought an upright chair from her bathroom and showed her that when not in use, it slides in between the table legs. Out of the way and not causing any obstacles for oldies to trip over. 
MIL testing the strength of the magnifying desk lamp 

We also asked her to cover the magnifying glass with a cloth when not in use. Can't have the sun shining through and burning a hole in the paper below and subsequently the whole unit, now can we?  

Happy Monday to you all! 


  1. That's a wonderful invention isn't it? I'm sure your MIL will be so happy to be able to read again. xx

  2. Yes setting firetothe whole placewould not be smart! I hope she is pleased.

  3. Hello Jo, what a great find for your MIL! I have never seen the lamp and magnifying glass together like that, it makes sense. I hope MIL is happy with her new lamp! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  4. this is perfect and at first i did not know what you meant until i saw it. our neighbor made tiny minature wooden things, toys and furniture. he had two of these to see the work.. i have a friend that this would be perfect for. she lives accross the street and is losing her sight. she can no longer read the paper. thanks for the idea.

  5. These magnifying lamps are great. We have one also that DH uses when he builds his wooden ships. I've used it occasionally when making clay jewelry. It comes in handy.

  6. I still can't imagine what kind of lamp that is and how it works ! Apparently MIL is never content, you even dared to remove her coffee table .....

  7. It must be horrible to lose your sight...You and hubby are SO thoughtful!!

  8. That's a really great idea - hopefully she'll love it!


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