Monday, July 20, 2015

Successful vehicle repair!

Last week I posted about a rattle which drove Grant crazy. After several frustrating visits to the agents in different towns and even the city, we eventually took it to the garage we bought it at in November. 

While the car was being tested, and Rina's daughter, Melony drove us around town, Grant said that if they didn't find the fault this time, he would deal directly with the factory; they could give him a new car. However, Melony said that Mario, who was checking over our car,  was known as the top expert technicians at Hyundai.  And lo and behold. When we got back to the garage, Mario told Grant that the noise had been caused by shocks (not sure what almost-new shocks can become in so short a time) and that he'd ordered two new ones from Johannesburg. 

On Wednesday past, the spares consultant phoned Grant to say the new parts had arrived. Grant made an appointment for Thursday morning at 7.30. While our vehicle was on the ramp, once again, Melony drove us around town in her car. She's always eager to do this as then she sees her mother. Of course, this is a real treat for Rina too.  

At the entrance to one of several malls in Welkom, Rina, Grant and I posed in front of a very large stone sculpture of a rhino. These wild animals are being poached (for their horns only) at such a rapid rate in South Africa that our children's grandchildren will only have statues and pictures to show them what this animal was. 

Rina, I and Grant in Welkom last week

At 11am, the garage phoned to say our vehicle was ready. As we arrived in the courtyard, Mario drove out and asked Grant to accompany him. They returned within a few minutes; this time Grant with a smile on his face. The knocking rattle was gone! 

Have a great week ahead! 


  1. Ah, always good when they have an answer to the problem and that they fix it!!! I know that's a relief for both of you!! Hope you have a great new week, Jo!!

  2. Thank goodness teh rattle is now solved. I'm glad to hear that but sad to hear that the rhinos are also in danger in South Africa. Such a terrible shame throughout the continent.

  3. wonderful news and a rattle can be very annoying. Sad to think of so many animals that our great grand children will never see in the wild.Jo Have a great week ahead.

  4. Hello Jo, I am so glad the car has been repaired and the rattle is gone. Grant can be happy now! I love all of you posing in front of the rhino sculpture. It is sad that these beautiful animals are disappearing. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  5. Rattles drive Steve crazy, too. It's always a relief when they are cured. Glad yours is finally gone.

  6. A very nice picture of all of you ! It's a shame what happened to these animals !


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