Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good fences, great Welkom

Last week we traveled to the goldmine city of Welkom. It's only 120kms from us and we booked our car into the agents. Although we've only had the vehicle for seven months, it's developed a rattle at the rear wheel. and irritates Grant to bits. Over the months he's had the car to several agents in different towns with no positive results. 

Hence this last resort before he'd phone the factory and ask them to sort the problem out! 

We dropped the car at 7.30 and Rina's daughter Melony collected us; she drove us around until later when we collected the car again. The technician's diagnosis was that the shocks were loose and rattling. The car is still under warranty (for the next five years, or 100,000 kms) so the cost and fitment of new shocks is on the agent.

As this post is aired this morning, we're on our way back to Welkom again to have said shocks fitted! Please click on the "Welkom" link to read all about this gold-mining town. It's also known as the circle town; there are circles instead of robots/traffic lights or four-way-stop-streets. Even though Madam GPS tells him which exit to take, Grant always gets it wrong ! Luckily Meloney taxied us around town!  

Last week, I took photos of the fences and boundary walls in the town. 
A different concrete fence throwing great shadows

A closer look
The power plant is securely fenced 
Bits of fencing surrounds the township dwellings
Concrete fencing surrounding the management houses
Another property with a mix of trees behind the fencing

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  1. There are certainly many fences surrounding properties in Africa. Glad you are getting the car fixed. Grant will be pleased.

  2. It took a rather long time to find out what was wrong with your car ! Fortunately it's fixed now. Interesting to read about Welkom !

  3. Hello Jo, I am glad the vehicle is repaired and at no cost to you! Great series of fence photos. Have a happy day!

  4. my first ever concrete fence, but it makes sense and it will last for ever... oh no on the shocks, so aggravating even if it doesn't cost money. we have 2 of those circles here and i hate them....

  5. i rather like a concrete fence made of posts! glad the car is warrantied!

  6. Yes, lots of fences. I guess they are needed for security. It was interesting post. I hope the rattle is permanently fixed so Grant can enjoy his car. xx

  7. Good to know your car was under warranty.
    I like that concrete fence, it really looked like regular fence slats but it would need to be secure since it surrounds a power plant.

  8. Hope your car woes are over. That's a nice-looking concrete fence.

  9. Hope your car is feeling better. It was interesting reading about Welkom. I see they had a 5.2 earthquake that levelled a building in the 70s. WE had a 5.0 in Ottawa in 2010 that scared the heck out of me (I was in the central library at the time.) Anyway, didin't really think of earthquakes as an issue in SA.

    I like all the fences!

  10. Hope everything is sorted out with the car now. I really dislike those "round-abouts" as they're called in the States.


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