Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our life continues in SA

Two weeks ago we traveled to the city. Grant had to collect our motorbike which had been in for a service. After doing all our business in town, we stopped at the BMW agents, Grant drove off on the motorbike while I drove the car back to Marquard. I must admit, it was with a twinge of envy that I watched him pass us on the National Freeway and speed off into the distance. Hopefully he and I will be able to do a short bike tour soon. 

Driving along the N5 to the flyover ahead

Where we turn right onto the National Freeway (the N1) between Johannesburg and Cape Town 
Early morning gliding onto the N1, to Bloemfontein

And a special mention of our littlest grandchild, Liam who is six months old on Sunday. Rina had told Amanda that the old people used to say if you tickle a child, it can cause it to stutter. Amanda is tickling Liam in the video below saying: It's all old wives tales! 

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  1. It is wonderful tohear your grandson laughing like that.

  2. that laughter is music to the ears and Liam is so sweet and cute and adorable... i agree about the old wives tale

  3. Cute little grandbaby. I'm sure you're enjoying every minute of him. I'm about to become a granny in October and looking forward to it so much.

  4. A lovely pastel sky and a cute grandbaby!

  5. congrats on your sweet grand baby; have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  6. Hi Jo!
    Your grandson is so cute! I have no children, but when I see a cute baby like this.....maybe!
    Have a nice week there!

    Bia <°)))<

  7. Your road looks a little misty ! Liam seems to be in excellent mood, lol !

  8. Adorable... what a cute little chap



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