Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Critters in July 2015

During the week, while photographing the moon, I also took snaps of our patio, garages and driveway at night. 
The security lights above the four garages. The patio remains damp in the shade of the buildings during winter
The security lights lining our driveway and beyond the gate

The driveway lights have a story to tell: at least the second one (center of the photo). On my birthday in February one of the guests (no names, no pack drill!) reversed up my drive instead of driving out normally. Her left-side mirror connected this light, ripping it from the stand and tripping the electricity! Totally unaware, she continued, turned in the street, waved and drove off. Needless to say, Grant wasn't impressed!

Last week Grant and I were on our way to town. As he reached onto the consul for the gate remote,  it wasn't there. He stopped the car, tried his jeans pocket. Still no remote. He opened the door and smashed his door into the same lamp! He was furious! A scratch and dent which - although quite small - has to be repaired at no small cost! 

A portrait of Chappie (the-lady-on-the-diet) against the miniature rose in a pot
Tipsy in a pensive mood
The resident spider which has moved towards the heat of the fire
Skabenga the pup chewing a beef bone ...
...wearing his new animal print coat

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

A belated Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends. 

Happy Independence Day
 to all in the USA 


  1. Enjoyed your post. Too bad about that lamp which seems to be in everyone's way and costing a "pretty penny" in repairs. Happy weekend to you Jo!

  2. He looks like a little tiger ! lol !

  3. Four garages! wow! shame aout the car and yes these things are expensive to fix. Love the cat shots but I am not crazy on dressing up the pup. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hello Jo, sorry about the car and the lamp. Joyful' s comment above could be correct in thinking that the lamp is in a bad spot. I love the cute kitties and your adorable puppy! Great photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. I hope he found the remote. Cute, cute puppy.

  6. love the new coat... and i could not close my eyes at night if i knew that spider was in the house. YIKES.
    oh noooooooo on the door banging the same lamp... i am betting there were a few WORDS spoken... i know they would be here. love the shot of the 4 garages... hope the repair doesn't break the bank

  7. So sorry about the car and lamp. I love kitties and puppies ... enjoyed seeing yours .. too cute! Happy Critter Day!

  8. Oh, that about the lamp post is sort of funny...I am with Sandra...betting words were either spoken, or at least thought! Cute the pup a black lab?

  9. Cute cats, Not so cute spider. Adorable pup in his new sweater.

  10. nice post, prachtige kitty greeting from Belgium

  11. Cute cats and precious pup! Sorry about the lamp post. I have a friend whose visitors did exactly the same thing at their place.

  12. What is that strange leopard dog hybrid!! And why do car dents cost some much to repair!!

    Trying to catch up on visits and comment while I wait for a flight - one busy week to go and it's back to normal!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Heathrow Airport UK (for the next couple of hours!)

  13. Pets don't mind smashed lamps, much.

    Doggie with his animal print jacket is awesome!


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