Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good fences, great town

Last Friday,  Rina went for her final fitting of her new dentures in the nearby town, Senekal, Grant, I and Skabenga did a little business in town and then we waited in the garden of the dental surgery. 
It's fun being a pup that is taken everywhere in the car
Skabenga has learned to stretch out and enjoy the feeling of the grass under his tummy

I'd taken a container of pellets, a water bottle and a dish for Skabenga. At 11.30 he was starving and devoured the small amount of food that I had brought along. We realized that the pup has grown substantially in the three weeks since we got him and needs more nutritionally balanced food.  We decided to pop over to the vet just down the road from the dentist's surgery. There we bought a packet of specialized puppy food and of course, a rope toy for Skabenga to chew on! 
Skabenga with his new rope toy - he didn't seem to notice that it's pink! 

And of course, I took photos of fences from the garden
A few years back a friend of mine lived in this house. I wonder if she still lives here...

Rina subsequently came out of the surgery having been fitted with a perfect pair of dentures. She had her original dentures in a special holder the dentist had given her. These will serve as spares...
Driving out of town, I continued to snap the fences and properties behind them
The house behind this palisade used to be a guest house. My hairdresser for twenty years, had a salon day here once a week. The proprietors have since moved upcountry; my hairdresser now lives in the Karoo, always en route our biking tour. We stop over there and I have my hair done before we spend the night with them
The double-story house behind this fence and brick wall caught my eye
I snapped this fence with the leafless trees behind it
This interesting fence enclosed a property filled with trees, including the conifer in the foreground
The Free State winter scene looks warm in the sunshine
Back home the most spoiled pup in the world, passes out on his donut, surrounded by his favorite toys
Already displaying a healthy set of teeth! 

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  1. He, he....I get a chuckle from your pup. He is always so tuckered out after a day out. It's been so long since I've had a puppy that I really don't remember how they develop and how tired they get. I'm glad Rina got her new dentures. They should be a lot more comfortable.

  2. Oh, Skabenga is such a precious little one!! Makes me miss my Sam all over again!! But I do love and enjoy your pics, so do keep them coming!! Hope your week is going well, Jo!!

  3. The pup doesn't know it but he has landed in heaven. Nice to see the neighbourhoods and the fences.

  4. Love the last shot. I think he is dreaming sweet dreams Jo! You have managged a great variety f fneces today in this post. That pup is certainly spoilt but why not!

  5. Hello Jo, what a lucky dog. Skabenga must love the car rides and all the attention wherever he goes. He is so cute! Great collection of fence shots. Enjoy your day!

  6. skabanga is going to be quite the traveler. :) a nice town. i like the brick oval gateway the one place had! thanks, jo!

  7. i love that next to last photo of your pup sleeping with his toys. made me laugh... so did the grin in his sleep time. i like all the different types of fences and i study each one for what is behind or in front. the plants and trees are so different from ours. that two story house looks like a nice one from what i can see. glad Rina has her teeth now

  8. Enjoyed your fencing today....but I must admit, the puppy stole my heart!!!!!!!

  9. What a darling dog! Love your photos of the day trip --

  10. Lots of interesting fences and one cute pup. And a new set of choppers! Sounds like a pretty good day.

  11. Nice variety of fences there. I must say that one concrete fence with the conifer in front was rather unique. Your puppy is absolutely adorable as can be.

  12. What an adorable little traveling companion you have.

  13. You can't complain about the amount of fences around you ! Little S. is so adorable ! It's nice that you take him along everywhere, so he will become very social !


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