Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Critters with a difference!

I have a strange mix of "critters" in today's post. 

The ubiquitous Cape Sparrow (male) in my winter garden 

But no less striking or...
...for being ever-present!
Grant and grandson Joel 

Returning from a ride out of town on granny's motorbike
Joel told his mum afterwards that they "went fast", he thinks it was 100! I asked Grant if my Honda 125cc could reach that speed and he said, at a push! Another critter that loves a bike, is Eddy (looking on) 

Over the past weeks, every night we've had a fire in the entertainment area's Jetmaster. After many years of being without a jafel iron, I bought one. The first I found in the city; it was round. Last week I found another in Senekal while we waited for Rina at the dentist. This time a square one. 
Above is the square one. You place a slice of bread, buttered side down inside the iron. Fill with cooked meat or cheese and tomato; add another slide of bread on top of this, buttered side up. Clamp the top part down and place in the coals
Above is the round jafel iron which creates a pie-type of toasted sandwich. Grant, who's been named the Jafel King, knows exactly when the sandwich is toasted
Abby with her toasty javel

Joel enjoyed his jafel so much, Granddad had to make him another!
Last week was full moon and I managed to get quite a few shots of it

And no critter post would be complete without a video of the cutest critter in our household. Skabenga has his own toy box. He has chewed the box to pieces (I've had to replace it!) But he's just like a small child. He removes toys, scratches underneath a toy to see underneath, gets angry when he cannot get the toy out; places his toys back in the box - on and on. Too precious! 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen, here

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. what a gorgeous bird! the jafels look delicious!

  2. great looking bird Jo. I am sure the kids love going out on that bike and it probably fels like a 100 MPH to them. I lvoe the video of the pup. He certainly has sharp teeth. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I have never seen somebody using a jafel iron here ! what a good idea, the toasts must taste delicious ! What fun little S has to chew on his carton box ! Good for the teeth. BTW Charlie hates motor bikes and gets very angry shows his teeth and barks until they disappear !

  4. Hello Jo, the Cape Sparrow is a beautiful bird, awesome captures! And Eddy is a sweet doggie too. Cute shot of your grandson on the bike with your hubby! And yes, Skabenga steals the show. He is just adorable! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Have a happy weekend!

  5. I love the little noises he makes while rooting around in the toys. so cute so sweet. as is the grandson on the motor bike.. i like the shot with the shadow of the bike... and i love that little black and white bird

  6. I had said i was not posting, but when i saw Elieens Florida birds, i went to my archives for today

  7. Such wonderful pictures! The jafel looks very delicious.

    Great moon shot, too.

  8. Love your moon! I never heard of a jafel before, they look delish!

  9. What a full moon!!!
    Have a nice and wonderful sunday Jo!
    Hugs from Brazil


  10. Wow...a little one riding so fast and grandmother not rattled! :-) I'm impressed. The birds were so interesting as well as the sweet cat who thinks he/she's a child. :-) But what I enjoyed the most on this post was the jafel iron. At first you were speaking "Greek" to me....a fire in the Jetmaster (what's a Jetmaster)...a jafel iron, a Senekal (what are these things!) then I scrolled on and learned! The sandwiches look wonderfully yummy made in the jafel iron....what a wonderful contraption! Now I want one! :-)

  11. Your human critters are the cutest ever. The birds interesting, but the kiddos. Oh my.


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