Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mountain moggy news

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I'm back with news about the Mountain Moggies! Mum had problems with her Interweb and I didn't post last week!

We kitties are still enjoying life very much here in the mountains. Sleeping a lot and getting food on time and enjoying the B E E G space outside.

Last week Mum went outside in the dark to take photos of the moon. Mmm. Yoomens can be strange sometimes, can't they?

When she returned indoors, she took photos of us.
Dad Ginger was disturbed by the lights and wouldn't pose properly for Mum!
I sleep so much during the day, I don't mind Mum bothering me at night! 
Unca Shadow sat on the table and sleepily waited for Mum to return! 
Aunty Chappie was watching the activity from the top of the chest of drawers

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  1. Yes you Mum is good at taking Moon shots and of course these are lovely image. s of all the 'cat' household. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. You all look healthy and happy and like you are luvin your new outdoor time, walking with horses and goats and all kinds of critters.

  3. Hello, everyone looks beautiful. Glad you are enjoying the great outdoors. Happy Sunday, enjoy your week ahead!

  4. All you guys look so adorable!


  5. Are you sure your mom is not a moonwalker ? Nice sleeping places you have chosen !


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