Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mountain moggies happy and well

Hi Bozo, this is Ambrose with the news from the past week. All's well and we kitties are happy as usual. I found some photos our Mum took of us in the rondawel while our yoomen dad was asleep. And also some photos of three kitties enjoying the cut grass after Namusa had mowed it this week.
I, Ambrose and my dad, Ginger
Mum says she loves Auntie Chappie's blue eyes! 
Unca Shadow dozing on Mum's bed
Dad Ginger enjoying the spongy feel of the mowed grass
I watched from my place on the grass
Auntie Chappie dozing in the horse's trough

Unca Shadow was sleeping on Mum's bed in the rondawel.

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  1. Hello, pretty kitties. I love the blue eyes too. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  2. you are all so beautiful... sweet faces make me smile and I laughed at aunt Chappies indignation of being photographed while bathing.. you and your dad look like twins to me

  3. Those are such cute cats!

  4. All looking snugly beautiful!



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