Monday, February 27, 2017

Photo phun with Lunapic

Aaah, what it is to visit blogs and be so mesmerized by the artistic bent of the blogger that you come straight home and try to emulate them. 

Hooting Anni and Madsnapper - Sandra are both so good at making the most mundane image into the most beautiful artwork imaginable. All with Lunapic. 

On Saturday I posted wildflowers that I'd snapped on our mountain hike two weeks ago. Today I'm posting the same flowers again and how I managed to make them real purdy!  
Lilac-edged flower

Purple bloom

Yellow cluster

Daffodil-shaped blooms


Close-up of above daisy - it's so beautiful I didn't want to change it drastically - hence...

and my piece de resistance...

I hope you all enjoyed my artistic post today. 

Note from blogger: No sooner had I mastered this technique and posted it, than I opened Sandra's post and she's playing with ANOTHER program. 


Watch this space


  1. Hello, Jo! I always enjoy Sandra's puns and photos. Anni's are great too. Your flowers are lovely and I enjoyed the edits.

  2. HA HA on another program. blame it on Annie.. I find these programs on others blogs and dive in. the new one I played so long my elbow hurts. I love all of these but the last one is my favorite. the photo out of the camera is stunning and the reflection is reflecting the stunning.. keep laying waiting for MORE

  3. Interesting work with photographs.

  4. Interesting photographs you have fun, I like it. Regards.

  5. Gorgeous photos either way Jo. Love the reflecting water one.
    Have a good day!

  6. What fun to learn something new. The reflection is most awesome!


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