Thursday, February 23, 2017

Serendipity? Coincidence?

Whatever ...

Saturday a week ago, our neighbor DJ stopped on his road running along outside our fence. The day before he'd sent his tractor onto the servitude from John's motor gate to the boundary. The driver also mowed behind the plain trees lining the servitude and along the fence running down to the bottom boundary. 

Grant had phoned to thank him and say that if he stops at our fence, I had a fresh punnet of health rusks as a thank you for him. 

The men got talking and then DJ looked over Grant's shoulder at our pick-up truck on the lawn. He pointed out that we'd lost a number plate (licence registration plate) 

We were just wondering where we'd find the missing plate, when DJ said the day before he'd seen us go up the drive (between a plantation of trees) to an eatery called "The Valley Bakery" He said he knows our registration number and remembers seeing the plate on our vehicle at the time. 

On Sunday morning Grant and I drove slowly along our dirt road with eyes peeled for a falled number plate! Nothing.

We went further and drove up "The Valley Bakery" road. This business is closed on Sundays and I was just about to say to Grant that perhaps a patron or staff member picked up the plate and handed it in and that we'd have to inquire the next day, when I spotted the back of an oblong shape sticking out from the bakery notice board. Grant hadn't seen it and I was very excited that I had!

Grant turned the car around and I pointed:
The Valley Bakery sign - with our number plate
Grant removing our number plate

Grant came home and fixed the number plate to the car with pop rivets (I think!); he says it shouldn't fall off again. 

Thank you to the kind person who picked it up and attached it to the sign board!

Happy Thursday to you all! 


  1. Hello, I am glad you found the license plate and that you have great neighbors. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. What a remarkable story! Must be coincidence ;)

  3. now this is a great story, not everyone would know the imporatnace of that plate and do that, or even care if you lost it.. great way to help you find it and thanks to your neighbor for pointing it out. I am thinking I never look at mine and would not know if it was missing.

  4. Glad you have observant neighbors and that you found the plate.

  5. It was just supposed to be! Nice header shot....


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