Friday, February 24, 2017

Sun - at last

When you live in South Africa where severe drought and dry conditions have been the order of the day for the past decade, you don't complain about rain. 

I don't; especially seasonal rains which are improving the water table. 

The past week we've had lots and lots of rain all over the country. Especially here in the mountains. The low-level bridges became impassable and the gravel roads slippery and treacherous.

 The above photos are of the first low-level bridge which we cross to get to the main road - on Wednesday we were able to cross them quite easily
Approaching the second low-level bridge 

 Also easily forded on Wednesday

Yesterday the stars were out at 4am for the first time in a week. And when the dogs and I went out for our early morning walk, I turned around on the road and saw the sun breaking through the misty clouds. 

The dogs and I were enveloped in mist ...

 ...with the sun breaking through above

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  1. Hello Jo, the rain is welcome. Gorgeous captures of the sun poking thru the clouds. Love seeing your dogs. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Driving through that much water looks a scary event, Jo.

  3. Hi Jo! Lovely early morning misty shots with the dogs!
    I'm sure it was quite scary driving through the fast flowing water but good you made it safely through!

  4. Wow that is a ton of rain and I know you and the dogs were so happy to see that Sunshine come out. Hope the rain is over for a while period we still are in a drought. It seems It's always feast or famine too much or not enough

  5. Heck Jo! The rain really made up for those weeks of drought. We get plenty of rain as you know, but never on that scale.


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