Thursday, February 2, 2017

Champagne Valley Walking Club #2

On Tuesday morning Grant and I drove to a tourist center in the valley. We met up with several other hikers from the CWC. Sharing lifts, we drove about 40km inland for a walk in the bush. The venue was called Emseni.
Everyone met at the Berg and Bush camp before the start of the hike (obviously someone arrived here and all were looking in that direction!) 

We started off at 7.40 walking along the banks of the Tugela River. A beautiful shaded walk with a few inclines and crossing pole bridges.

Every picture tells a story: one lady is pointing at the river; two people look that way. The other is pointing at trees on the high banks: two are looking there! 

 The mighty Tugela River 
A lovely meander in the shade of the huge trees lining the river

At one point we exited to the left and walked along farmlands  - a beautiful bucolic scene
After walking for an hour and forty minutes we stopped for tea
Grant and Anthony chat over coffee and sandwiches

On the return walk, I photographed a path constructed
 to slide your tube from the top of the TOP bank...
...down the next bank and into the river
Yours truly

Before we got back into our allotted transport, friend Jenny checked her Smartphone app and announced that we'd done 7.6km and 13000 steps. Not a strenuous walk but energizing and invigorating all the same ! 



  1. A beautiful setting for a fine walk :-)

  2. Hello Jo, what a pretty walk by the river. Love the trees, you look cute too. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. I am really impressed add an hour and 40 minutes and you weren't even done that you were sitting down and resting. I might make one hour but that would be it and it would have to be a half hour hour and a half hour back not an hour out and back. Congratulations y'all are doing super and I love the second picture of the path and I love the one where all the people are pointing and talking

  4. Lovely scenery for a walk and it's nice to walk in company ! You certainly had fun !


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