Friday, February 17, 2017

Parkrun # 6

Hi everyone. I've been absent from Blogger and FB since Monday. This was mainly due to issues with the Internet that I use now.  

Tomorrow we're doing our seventh Parkrun and I haven't posted last week's event yet! This time I'm  not going to give a blow-by-blow account due to time constraints and trying to get this post out there. 

As always, while waiting for the start, I was roving with my camera, picking up interesting sights. (see below!)
A burly young farmer uses his walking stick as a shooting stick while we wait for the run to start
This young contestant matched her hair to her tee-shirt - or was it the other way around?
I love zooming in on the four-legged runners!
8am and Diane welcomes all to the Parkrun

As she explained the route and rules, Anthony came and stood next to me. He asked what I intended to do "timewise" that day. I told him I wanted to better my 46min and 43 sec of the previous week. He said he just wanted to try and get in under 50 minutes. He'd never managed this before. 
Friend, Anthony leaning on one of his two sticks listening to Diane

Between the 3rd and 4th kilometer marker, I heard Anthony come up behind me. On TWO sticks, sounding - to me - like a skier down the snow slopes! We chatted briefly and I pulled ahead again. As I entered the last 50 meters to the finish, I heard Anthony behind me again. Handing in my card, I heard I'd clocked in at 47 min 39 sec. Mmm. Slower than last week, but an "OK" result all the same. Anthony clocked in at 47 min 45 sec! 

Walking back to meet John and Grant who had then completed 3km, Ant said I should leave my camera behind. His theory was that I loose time stopping and taking photos and then starting up again.

OKAY! Tomorrow I'll take photos before the start and then leave my camera at the volunteer's table. I  hope I beat my L A S T week's time by having nothing to hamper my walk! 

Ant and I walked back along the route and met up with 86 year-old Alan
Grant and John enjoying their Parkrun

I can't remember Grant and John's finishing times - much the same as last week's. But as always, they were thrilled to have completed the 5km circuit! 



  1. if I could walk that far it would take me about an hour I think. your time is great. I love the stick man in the first shot

  2. Welcome back, Jo!. Wow it looks like a hot day. Either that or you were all working up a sweat with trying to beat earlier walking times. I love to see all the different age groups on the walk and the furry critters too.

  3. The get together is certainly nice, but I think I would find an excuse not to run ! I love to walk and look around and take photos, but not running against or with a clock ! I am too lazy, lol !


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