Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eldoret, birding and Journalism Club

On Tuesday morning, Sue and I went up to  Eldoret to buy me a new fridge. (I'll post about this later this week) We also did extensive shopping for the school. On the way back we saw (as usual) many different birds, Black-and-White Colobus Monkeys and dassie/rock-rabit. (more on this later as well!) Being Wednesday, I've posted a photo of one of the birds we saw.  

White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher

Earlier this week I asked the school head teacher if we could see the clubs on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. They want to put on an exhibition of the year's activities in Mid-November and Sue, Sharda and I will assist them with projects. Of course, a day up the mountain to Eldoret normally takes most of said day (not to mention energy!);  but we decided we'd make the meeting in time. On the way down we also found a different species of aloes which Sue wanted for the Wild-life Club. So of course, we stopped and between me, Sue and Zephania, (with much staggering on uneven ground and clutching at plants on the banks, lol) we managed to pull out a few small plants. In the first photo of the collage, Sue's texting the head teacher to tell her that we'd be a little late for the meeting.

We're meeting with the various clubs again this afternoon as a follow up to the tasks we gave the members yesterday. I don't often miss a post, but preparing work for scholars is hard work. On Monday night I drew up worksheets of grammar facts which we did in yesterday's meeting using play - acting and interaction. Last night I drew up quiz questions which they'll answer in writing this afternoon. 

During the next part of this afternoon's session, I'll teach them about good leads to a story. Then they'll cut out newspaper articles which they have to take home and study. I'll task them to write a story of their own using the photos as a prompt and ideas/thoughts from the article. (I'll collect the stories at next week's club meeting) Tonight I'll be marking the quiz sheets and decide on a small prize for the top contender. 

Sharda and Sue did projects with the Wildlife, Art and Science Club respectively. They, too will follow up next week.

I have a brand-new respect for teachers all over the world. Phew! I hope to get back to normal again as from this evening when I have a week's grace before I have to meet the Journalism Club again.

Hope you're all having a great week.


  1. So nice to see the school again. I like your mosaics with all the photos and the lovely plants. The children are blessed to have a lovely school and wonderful setting for it, not to mention the clubs they have going for their enhanced learning. It is indeed a lot of work to teach children. Imagine doing it every day, lol God bless you and Sharda and Sue for the work you are doing with those lovely children. I'm sure they will remember it for many years to come.

  2. Yes, teachers work a lot harder than we think. I hope you are enjoying your time with the Journalism Club, though.
    Luv, K

  3. Teaching is a lot of work, yet very gratifying. Sorry to hear your fridge went out.

  4. Hi Jo, it is wonderful of you to help out with the projects and school. Teachers work very hard and most likely are taken for granted. Great post and I love the flycatcher.

  5. You are Always SO busy Jo! Wonderful things that you do for others...

  6. That's wonderful what you are doing instead of laying around like a lazy lady and think about new handbags and shoes and cocktail parties !
    It must be very nice to teach children or adults who are really keen on learning somthing !

  7. Hey Jo! I wanted to check in and see how you were! :)

  8. Your scholarly work sounds worthwhile and fun.
    Nice photo of the bird.

  9. You have so much energy and enthusiasm, Jo! The students are fortunate to have you and Sue and Sharda. The journalism assignments sound like a great way to help them learn writing skills.


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