Monday, October 24, 2011

Trip to Eldoret

On Saturday we took a trip up the mountain to Eldoret. Grant, Johan and I drove up at 7am and as usual just before the top of the mountain, we spotted monkeys. Not just ordinary monkeys but Blue Monkeys and Black-and-white-Colobus Monkeys. The first photo of the Blue Monkey was not too clear as I was photographing it against the sky and from quite a distance away.

Blue Monkey

Black-and-white Colobus Monkey

I post photos of these monkeys often every time we see them as I get very excited to know they're still around.

Grant took a side road in Eldoret. These alleys are lined with stalls, informal mechanical workshops, vegetable displayed on the ground, huge bags of grain, maize and other dried goods,  and hundreds of people milling around. We couldn't work out why we couldn't get through when the oncoming vehicle (in the photo) gestured to Grant that we were driving up a one-way street, the wrong way. Looking back it seemed impossible to get out again, but my dear husband reversed all the way back to the entrance and got us out. I think once you've spent two years fighting the traffic in Khartoum, you can drive anywhere!

Here in the valley our house-ladies do the washing by hand. Not in a laundry but on the patio outside the kitchen. Not in a sink, but with a tap against the wall, and three large plastic bowls. Apart from the washing taking ages to dry, your clothes are also ruined by this pummeling and wringing. After Grant and I discussed the problem, he kindly bought a small washing machine today. We decided on a twin-tub; our water - drawn from the river - is often brown and our erratic electricity would play havoc with an automatic machine. I can't wait to see Naomi's face on Monday when she walks in and all she has to do is hang the laundry on the line.
A new twin-tub washing machine will make life much easier for Naomi

On Saturday afternoon, we arrived home in time for the semi-final between our team, the Cheetahs (Free State Province)and arch-rivals, the Sharks (Kwa-Zulu Natal) Unfortunately due to a series of errors on our team's part, the Sharks beat us 20-13.
* Sigh *  (See here, if you wish)
Once again on Sunday it was all eyes glued to the TV watching the World Cup Rugby final between New Zealand and France. The South African referee was lauded as at least being "one South African in the final".  In the hype and build-up a few hours leading up the the game, everyone said that New Zealand would beat France with a 20 point lead. Ha! The French team gave the Kiwis a run for their money. The final score was the lowest points difference ever in a World Cup Rugby match : NZ 8 - France 7!

Last night Grant and I, along with the rest of the company management team,  were invited to the Class 8 (Std 8) pupils dinner. More about this tomorrow.

Have a great week, everyone.




  1. I'd like seeing the monkeys, but not all the wrong-way traffic coming at me.

  2. I was very sorry for the French but if the All Blacks had lost I think the whole of NZ would have committed mass suicide! Lovely pics as ever. (Esp the cats on the previous post!) x

  3. I would also jump on all occasions to see a monkey ! Traffic looks like in Morocco in little towns or villages.And the washing problems I know from Egypt's little towns.
    Naomi will be happy !! When I am in another country I always try to have a look on how people really live and not only the touristic sites !

  4. It must be exciting seeing onkeys on the way to the shops. The lanes look tricky to navigate, especially backwards. Hope your clothes will last longer now. Naomi will be pleased.

  5. I would be really excited to see monkeys in trees as I drove by. We saw just such sights in Costa Rica on our Panama Canal cruise in 2007.

    Hurray for the new washing machine! I'm sure your house lady is happy about it, too.


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