Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend of beginning of October

On Saturday morning Grant decided to weigh the cats.
I sure am glad this ain't the group leader at my weight loss club! He looks as though he eats anything and doesn't gain weight and also looks as though he doesn't allow anyone else to!

Ginger was first and clocked in at 4.4kg/9.68lbs. Not bad for a cat who was basically a stray until January this year. After he'd been weighed, he strolled back to his emty cookie bowl (Ginger doesn't hurry anywhere!) and sat waiting for me to fill it.

Shadow was next and weighs 4.2kg/9.24lb. Shadow has a healthy appetite but is a fussy eater. I'm sure he read on the kibbles box that they were made up of salmon, rice and carrots. He pointedly eats the reddish and brown cookies, (fish?) but leaves the green and whitish (vegetables?) ones on his plate! He also has the most suspicious nature ! He can often be seen creeping along the carpet looking like a bottle brush, staring at something he thinks shouldn't be there. After Grant took the scale back to the bathroom, Shadow checked under the sofa to see where it had gone.
 Now what happened to that strange object?

Then it was Ambrose's turn. He weighs a whopping 3kg/6.6lb.  
 Ambrose more interested in the world outside, that a silly thing like bodyweight!

Saturday, 1st October was my bloggerversary; I started blogging in 2008. In 2005, I met a young woman online via a Weigh Less website, when she asked my advice on nutrition and weight los. I was in West Africa and she lived in Tanzania, East Africa. Although she's my children's age, she and I became firm friends. 

When I returned to South Africa, she invited me to visit her blog and the bug bit me. She has since returned to South Africa and I now live in East Africa. Due to changed circumstances in her life, she has taken a rest from blogging. I met many of my blogger friends through her. She and I still keep in contact via the telephone and e-mails. 

I'm still very enthusiastic about my blog, post every day except when we're biking through South Africa and hope to be part of the bloggersphere for many years to come. Thanks to everyone who visits, follows and comments on my blog. You can read about my first post here.


  1. Your cats are very cooperative about getting weighed. They all seem to be in the peak of health!

  2. So what was the purpose of weighing the cats? Does one of them look like they've gotten too big, or is it a bench mark for future reference. Just curious. You know what they say about cats and curiousity, lol. Happy blogaversary and I hope you have many more :-)

  3. Well fed kitties.

    You didn't tell how much Grant weighs. ;)

    So glad to have met you in blog land. Congrats on three years. I'm soon approaching that myself.

  4. Happy blogaversary! Three years is a long time and still just as much fun as it was when we had the first real comment or the first follower. Keep it up girl!

  5. I'm sure your kitties do not have to worry about gaining weight. Happy Blogaversary. I enjoy visiting your blog and hope to see many more post. Jo, have a great day!

  6. You should have seen my face when I saw Grant, the balance, and a cat ! I had to laugh !!! because Riccardo this morning did exactly the same with Arthur ! to know if with all he is eating he has put on some weight. And he did 1 kg ! Not bad, we are happy !
    Isn't that funny that we had the same idea the same day ?? Arthur needs another Kg and then he is back to normal. 6 kg. He really was skinny and boney !
    BTW Grant should try some Hills cat food ! Maybe he also gains some kgs like Arthur !

  7. BTW Happy blogaversary ! I blog since August 2006 ! I started with the cat blog and then came the others. One was not enough.

  8. The cats all look very healthy and well-cared-for!

    I'm sorry I've been negligent in keeping up with my blog and my friends' blogs...I don't know why, but I just haven't felt inspired to write anything, to take photos or even to go online. I think it's because I was spending so much time on blogging that I felt addicted to it and then felt burned-out on blogging.

    For now I'm just keeping up with the "Succinctly Yours" blog because it's easy and fun--kind of like doing a puzzle, but more creative.

    I'll still try to stop by once a week at my favorite blogs.

  9. Hi Jo, I always wondered why Grant was so skinny.. Guess he is just one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to watch what he eats...

    Sounds like all of your kitties are doing well...

    Congrats on your Blogaversary.. I started blogging in June of 2006... Hard to believe it's been that long!

  10. Well, the kitties are far from fat...This is a Good thing!!Hahaa

  11. I had a good chuckle at your comment about Grant as weigh in supervisor! I must say I wish I knew his secret. He is as trim as he was when the two of you were still at school. Congratulations on yet another blogaversary, Jo. You are amazing with daily posts for all this time. I am finding it hard to do one post a week these days.


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