Monday, October 10, 2011

Sad day for South African Rugby

As posted previously, I've been up and down to Eldoret a number of times in the past fortnight. Returning from a trip with Sue last Tuesday, we saw Black-and-white Colobus monkeys sitting on the side of the road. Being arboreal, they are not normally seen as low as this, but the large trees have been decimated to such an extent, we now see them on the ground.
Black-and-white Colobus monkey

Recently I posted about being a bit poorly. I returned to the doctor on Thursday who found nothing more wrong with me (I'm getting over the bout of typhoid I had) and prescribed complete rest for me. I've been doing this. So much so that Grant cooked lunch on Sunday: vegetable curry which was delicious!

This morning at 8am East African time, we sat down in front of the telivision to watch South Africa play Australia in the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup. These two giants (and arch rivals) were fighting for a place in the semi-finals. Australia was the first to score a try. South Africa eventually featured on the board and during the second half, the score was 9-8 in South Africa's favour. Then one of our players was penalized for pulling a Wallaby down in the line-out and Australia had a free kick. The final score Australia 11, South Africa 9.


Of course the ref wasn't fair. (lol!)

Good luck Australia for the next round!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. I'm sorry your team lost. Maybe next year! I'm glad your doing better.

  2. I always love to see monkeys as they are so curious about everything. The veggie curry sounds delish. I'm sorry your team lost out on the game. Hugs. xx

  3. Don't you dare malign the ref Jo just because we won. Rugby is a game I don't follow. Cricket is my game of watching choice. What I really love is figure skating and gymnastics.

    Poor monkeys with their habitat so very changed. I wonder whether they will develop walking like men since they are ground bound now. That certainly would be a Darwinian leap.

    Get enough rest until you get totally well.

  4. Glad you are recovering and feeling better!

  5. These monkeys are so cute ! It must be strange to see them sitting there in the grass. I only see cats and dogs.
    I am not interested AT all in ball games sometimes I watch a little Tennis but only when the Belgian girl Kim Clysters is involved.

  6. It was certainly a sad day here in SA!


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