Sunday, October 23, 2011

Picture Perfect

Shadow and Ambrose at the dining table

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  1. So cute. Have they been invited to dinner?

  2. How sweet ! The only fur color I don't have a ginger cat !

  3. Heya Shadow and Ambose looks like you guys had a fight! Comeon kiss and makeup!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  4. Hey Ambrose and Shadow, do you get to eat at the table? I would love to do that! You're both looking mighty good to me! Have a fun week!

    Sam Schnauzer

  5. Doesn't look like the table is set for them. ;)

  6. It looks like Shadow and Ambrose are waiting patiently (?) for their supper!

  7. Shadow and Ambrose — you are such lovely cats, such beautiful boys.
    Lots of love from Auntie Kay, and a friendly woof from Lindy. Or maybe a purr. Did I tell you Lindy can purr? I think she must have been raised by a cat!


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