Monday, October 31, 2011


Living and working in the mining fraternity for almost three decades, I've met many people and made many friends. Often Grant and I have arrived at a site, and met up with people whom we've known on another mine site.

This happened to me in 2001 when Grant and I flew from Mali to Guinea where he took up the position of Plant Manager of a remote site in the northern part of the country. As I walked towards our house, I saw a lady wave from the house next door. Thrilled, I realised that it was Sonja, whom I'd met three months previously when she and her husband, Karel were on the same flight as I from Johannesburg via Abidjan to Bamako. On our brief stopover in the capital of Cote d' Ivoire, Sonja and I got chatting. She is almost 14 years younger than I but I found her very mature and friendly. In Guinea, as neighbours,  we became firm friends and continued to keep in contact with e-mails, when later she and I were in seperate countries. At the moment she and Karel (who's  a project manager) are living in Tanzania so we're virtually neighbours again!

When Grant and I flew up to Kenya in September, we stayed over at a hotel in Johannesburg. Grant and Karel arranged to meet in the foyer and of course, Karel brought Sonja along too! We'd not seen them in six years but it felt as if we'd never been apart. While the men talked shop (mining) on the one side, Sonja and I caught up on family news (believe it or not, she's a grandmother of two little girls) and people we'd  both known in the mining community.
 My long-time friend, Sonja and I when we met in Johannesburg last month

When I arrived home in South Africa, I found a card from fellow-blogger, Becky. How lovely it was to actually see her handwriting and get to "know" her through this medium. Becky, whom I met through another dear blogger-friend's blog, Kay,  has been a great source of inspirition to me in my writing. You can read Becky's blog here. Kay, too has been a stalwart in supporting me in my writing. (Thanks Kay!)
A handwritten note from Becky was waiting on my desk at home in South Africa when I arrived home (Thank you, Becky!)

So between living the expat life and blogging, I count myself blessed to have many friends around the world.  Thank you to all who've become my friends through cyberspace! 
May you all have a wonderful week.


  1. How nice that you had a chance to get together again with Sonja. I'm sure you share many precious memories together. How nice too to get a real handwritten note from Becky. Like her, I simply love to receive real letters and notes. I used to send a lot myself but these days when you ask people for their address they give you their email! LOL.

  2. I remember those long-ago days of writing letters by hand. I was always quite the letter writer and it was so much fun to get letters back in the mail. Now-a-days it's just a quickly scribbled note in a birthday card to loved ones. But, I don't think I'll go back to letter-writing because it's just so much easier and less expensive to email! It is a blessing to have blogger friends all over the world and to feel free to share personal things with them. Have a blessed week, dear Jo!

  3. It really is wonderful, isn't it, Jo?
    I've been finding lots of help and support with my own writing lately, and I'm not all worried and fretful about Writer's Block as I was. In fact, I can feel it going away, and soon I'll get back to writing chapters for the Unfittie book.
    Luv, K

  4. The internet certainly has opened up the world to making friends. I'm sure glad to have met you here and your son John and family in South Africa.

  5. Jo...I sure would like to meet my blogging friends. So far have met two and am hoping for more.

  6. Nothing better than meeting up with friends. Old and new. Blogging is a great way to make friends. It is like modern day pen friends.

  7. Hi Jo, it is great to meet up with friends both old and new. All my blogging friends are very nice and I would love to meet all of them. Have a great week!

  8. Wow ! that's a very young looking grandma ! That doesn't mean that you look old (hehehe) Yes it's so nice to have friends from all around the world first virtually and then sometimes in real. As Kay whom I met with her husband in Brussels and showed them the Atomium. Becky I don't know.

  9. These kinds of friendships are so very special. I know you enjoyed visiting with Sonya and her husband. I think I hear sounds of a safari into the Serengeti or into the Masai Mara soon with you and Grant and Karel and Sonya. ☺

  10. Hi Jo, the internet has certainly openned up the world to us. Blogging has become another way of making friends. Some may be through shared love of gardening, crafts etc or just learning about life in another part of the world through such excellent blogs as yours where you take us on your daily travels and excursions, always with absolutely great photos to illustrate the stories. for us.


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