Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend 15 - 16 October 2011

Two weeks ago we drove throught the village. The kid below had just been born; I didn't have my camera with me, for the first time ever! This past week I wanted to drop something off at the school so we drove through the village again. This time I had my camera and took a photo of the kid who's already quite steady on its feet.

Two-week old kid in the village

On the way back, we had to slow down for a nanny goat who was lying in the middle of the road. We drove around her and saw had a very small kid lying behind her.
The kid above was still quite new. It was strange to see a black mother with a brown baby

Of course, on Saturday we watched the quarter-finals of World Cup Rugby. Wales was beaten by the French, who go through to the final.

On Sunday, we, once again, sat glued to the television watching 80 minutes of hard, tense rugby. The Australians and New Zealand were fighting it out for a place in the final.

The end result: New Zealand 20, Australia 6.

Have a wonderful week everyone!



  1. Hi Jo, Great photos of the baby goats.... That little brown one is adorable...

    Enjoy your rugby... We love football here in the states.

  2. I always think baby goats are so cute. As a child I lived near a man who always had goats and sold goat milk. I used to love going over to his yard and play with the kids. All my siblings and neighbourhood kids did the same. It sounds like you had a fun time watching soccer/football. It's not really a game I watch here anymore. It isn't as big a game here as it is in Africa or Europe. I hoe you're feeling better my friend. Hugs xx

  3. Thinking of adopting a goat now? The kitties might be a little jealous.

  4. Never though we would keep goats until . . . elder granddaughter brought a Billy goat kid home from the desert. It must have fallen off a truck. Now it has found employment as a mower of grass around the sheds
    What a bummer about our loss to our arch rival New Zealand.

  5. Good pictures of the goats, Jo! And in my mind I was negotiating the Peugeot 504 around this traffic hazard. ☺ How do you watch TV? Do you have Satellite? Or does KTN reach you there down in the valley?

  6. Love the kids! You two sure do a lot of traveling....Nice!

  7. I have to slow down for rubbish laying on the street and turn around it and you have such cute nannies and babies I really would prefer that !
    When I forget my camera at home, it's as if I have forgotten a hand or my foot or something.

  8. Jo, your kids sure are cuties. Enjoy the rugby games. Great shots, have a wonderful day!

  9. Darn Kiwis. They will never let us forget this!

  10. How exciting for little New Zealand to beat Australia by so much! I really like your collage of pix of the TV program (or programme, as in British English!).


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