Sunday, October 2, 2011

More cats on our biking trip to the Cape

While on holiday in South Africa last month, I managed to snap a few photos of cats. The first two are cats who live at Evita se Perron in Darling, Western Cape. (more about this visit on a later post). The third and fourth cat belongs to my friend Mart, who with her husband, Pete own an upmarket Guest House in Knysna. The cat, a beautiful Maine Coon is called Amber.

Evita se Perron's resident cat
An old tabby cat at Evita se Perron

Amber of Guinea Fowl Lodge, Knysna Western Cape. Isn't she beautiful?


  1. I love the first two, Jo. I'm partial to old tabbies. The Maine Coon is pretty impressive, however.
    Glad you got to visit with some cats while you were traveling. Withdrawal symptoms can be quite painful. LOL
    Luv, K

  2. There's nothing like contented cats!

    Love the fitting verification word, 'misces', bet they would love to catch a few!

  3. Beautiful. After my beloved cat passed, I considered getting a maine coot cat. I didn't actually end up getting any cat as I just haven't the time to be a good caregiver to it. Perhaps in time but likely one that doesn't need brushing ;-)

  4. All three are lovely! We went to Darling last week. A day trip, to prevent us from going stir crazy, while Linda dog sat here at home. We had a pleasant lunch at the Marmalade Cat Restaurant and met the resident namesake cat. One of my next posts will include her. You certainly went all over the place during your short trip back to SA, Jo! I have been thoroughly enjoying your posts. Just not had time to leave comments on all. Life is super busy at the moment and I'm not sure I'm able to cope with this intensity level all the time. Hope you are now well over your recent bout of unwellness and able to enjoy your kitties, garden and life in the valley! Big hug xoxo

  5. Jo, they're all beautiful. I like each one for their individuality. The last one looks very regal, like a lioness!


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