Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick trip to Nakuru

On Wednesday, Grant had business in Nakuru and asked if I'd like to ride along with him. Of course I did! We arrived at the security boom at the exit of the mine at 5.25am and our headlights picked up a  group of very small school children waiting for the school bus. I was just too late to photograph them, but you can see by the photo below that it was still pitch dark. As Grant said, what time do these children and their parents get up in the morning to be in time for the bus?

Security guard opens the boom for us to leave the mine yesterday morning

Of course, the early bird, er, photographer, gets the good shots!

A while ago I posted about being ill with typhoid. I finally seem to be over the virus and getting back to normal. Only thing is, I've suddenly (for the first time in my life) developed a lower back pain. I phoned the doctor who assures me this has nothing to do with having enteric fever. His theory is that I'm normally very active but for the past three weeks have been resting so I may have developed muscular stiffness (and pain) because of this. The sister at the clinic prescribed mild analgesic tablets and a rub.

As a last resort to finally shake the whole illness episode off, as this post is aired this morning, I will be next door with Theresa. She has yoga dvd's and invited me to join her in an effort to gently ease myself back into activity. I firmly believe that I will be back to total normality very soon, Please God!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week.




  1. Oh, yes, lower back pain. I think I'm having it because I'm sleeping better than I used to. Sort of a case of "no pain, no gain" which is NOT one of my favourite expressions.
    I hope you'r feeling back to normal soon!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Hi Jo, it's so good to hear you are over the typhoid. I'm so relieved. I do agree with your doctor's assessment of the back pain. Yoga sounds like just the thing...nice gentle stretches. Blessings. xx

  3. Glad you're feeling better and I'm sure the yoga will help.

  4. Jo, I hope your back feels better soon and that the yoga works for you. It sounds like a great idea for your back. Our schools are out in the dark at 6:30am here waiting for the school buses.

  5. So sorry to hear that you have been ill. Typhoid is pretty serious stuff. Do you know how you caught it? glad you are feeling better but for the back. I have ad it for about a year now. I have been given strengthening exercises from my doctor and physiotherapist. I can email them if you like.

  6. Ouch! Hope you get to moving painlessly, Soon!!!

  7. So glad you're over the typhoid!! I can empathize with the lower back pain, one of my few health problems, and it isn't any fun. I take Tai Chi classes and get acupuncture twice a month and that, thankfully, has been keeping me moving pretty well, in spite of my age! Hope you get some relief soon! Have a wonderful -- pain free, weekend, Jo!


  8. Hi Jo, that's how I feel, too. Being dormant and sometimes a couch potato. You will be back to the grind.

    Take care!

  9. Jo, I love your positive attitude. Stay active as long as you can. My Frances has never believed in the "no pain, no gain" philosophy espoused by so many - so her advice would be to nurse that pain and don't do anything if it hurts. Ha. ☺

    Those kids and their parents really do have to sacrifice to get an education! However, since they don't normally have telly in their homes they probably do sleep rather early in the evening. ☻

  10. I so hope you are all recovered soon and that your renewed activity will have your back back to normal (back back?)!

    That is an early hour for the children to be out waiting for the school bus!


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