Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Birding in and around Monzi

Every morning I awake to the call of many birds. The garden around the Guest House and my friend, Brenda's home, is an eclectic mix of indigenous and exotic trees, shrubs and biennial plants which attract and provide nesting location for many birds.  
The garden has several "rooms" in which to wander and spot birds
Apart from the large palm to the left - which attracts flocks of hornbills -  I have no idea of the identity of the shrubs lining this pathway...
...but isn't it idyllic?

The Guest Cottage nestles within this lush bush
While wandering through these surroundings, I could hear birds chirping, whirring, swizzling and calling. Not long and I spotted a pair of Olive Sunbirds frolicking under the miniature waterfall. 
Olive Sunbird in full cry for its mate 

I noticed the other Sunbird's  movement to the right and swung my camera focus onto it. Moving so fast, I couldn't help but producing a blurring image! 
It flitted over to the other side of the water feature

I'm linking to Wild Bird Wednesday which you can access here

Happy Wednesday everybody and Happy Birding to fellow birder/bloggers. I may be back later today to post more exciting sightings - as soon as I've ID'd them! 


  1. very sweet sunbirds enjoying the water.

  2. What a beautiful garden. Very lush. And I love the sunbird

  3. The sunbird is a cutie, Jo! And I love the garden, it is like a resort there.. Your friend has a beautiful place.. Have a happy day!

  4. That is one gorgeous garden.

  5. Wow.... what a garden area to wander in....


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