Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend 2 - 3 May

This weekend we celebrated MIL Pam's birthday with Sunday dinner. She hasn't been here since Easter; we're also going on a short holiday in Zululand until the middle of May. So we'll be away for MIL's actual birthday which is 11th May. 
Great- Grandmother, Bammie, with Rina holding Liam
Joel and Bammie sharing a special moment
Liam has started to gurgle and crow, but here Rina couldn't get him to play for the camera! 

During the past month, Grant has prepared the wall in our garden to accommodate Rina's husband, Dick's ashes. She had a plaque made at our manufacturing jewelers in Bloemfontein. Last Monday Grant finally inserted the casket, sealed up the hole and added the plaque. All the while, John the gardener watched him with great interest. Grant told him it was Rina's husband who had passed on in 2013. 

The next day, he started to plan and make a garden underneath the plaque. 
Rina helps Pam along the pathway that John created
Pam tries to take a closer look at the plaque (her eyes are very bad) 
The beautiful garden John created under Dick's plaque

A closer look at the plaque. Note the photographer reflected ! 

After we'd had our bedroom carpets lifted and replaced with laminated flooring and the white walls painted steel blue, I asked Grant to create a corner shelf for my cat ornaments. 

Ambrose was very inquisitive and climbed onto the bottom shelf
The cat ornament shelf! 

As this post is aired, Rina and I will be at the ophthalmologist with MIL Pam. She needs to have cataracts removed and we're hoping the eye-doctor will be able to make her an appointment soon. 

Happy Monday to you all! 


  1. happy birthday (early) to pam! and a wonderful memorial for rina's husband.

  2. Nice to have an excuse for a gathering. The pathway and garden to Dick's plaque is very nice. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. What a lovely garden and commemoration of Rina's dearly departed husband. I also like the photo of Pam with Liam. such a nice photo. Have a great (and safe) holiday dear Jo! Hope to read you when you return. Love and hugs. xx

  4. Liam is growing up fast. That is a lovely path up yo the plaque. I am sure rhino is very pleased.

  5. the plagues is really beautiful and I love what John did to the garden... i hope the cat doesnt climb those corner cat stairs and knock those china kitties down.


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