Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shhh, don't tell Ambrose!

Hi Bozo, Lindy and blog readers; this is NOT Ambrose. This is
me (Mum) Ambrose' yoomen. Ambrose is waiting at home with Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger for his yoomens to return. Meanwhile, I thought I'd post a few animals that we've come across on our travels. 
At my SIL Shelly's home I managed to photograph two of her three cats
The third cat (NOT this one!) was too shy of the camera for me to snap it

At a restaurant in the seaside town of St Lucia this kitty begged fish from Rina

Here at the Guest House where we've spent the past nine days, we have two Labradors and the old Jack Russel x for company. The old white lab had [successful] surgery and didn't like it when I lifted the camera! 

I'm linking to Pets Forever here


  1. Love the little white chin on first kitty.

  2. Hello Jo, cute kitties and doggies. Great shots, enjoy your day!

  3. HI Jo well I won't tell Ambrose if you don't. Good to see you are still seeing cats and dogs on your holidays. Have a great week ahead.

  4. I am always happy where ever I am if there are pets there to... cats and dogs, cows and horses... anything with 4 feet i love.

  5. Oh, such sweet faces :))))

  6. Your kitties waiting at home will be jealous I'm sure knowing that you hare 'met' some new friends along the way ---while on holiday!!!!!! Enjoy ALL of those 4 legged friends.


  7. It's always nice when you have pets around on vacation !

  8. Lovely black labra, and pets fotos, Greeting from Belgium in Mons


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