Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hedges Kitty update

Hi Bozo, Lindy and all Mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose with an update on kitty life in the Hedges household. 

Earlier this week our yoomens got a big fright. Our yoomen dad came into the bedroom and found Dad Ginger lying under Mum's linen chest. He was panting, his tongue hung out very far and he was flicking his tail very fast. Our yoomen dad called Mum who came to the room. She picked up Dad Ginger and carried him to the bed. There she stroked him, massaging his chest while speaking quietly to him until he breathed normally again. That night Mum kept Dad Ginger on her bed and watched him closely. Luckily early in the morning Dad Ginger jumped off the bed and ate a bowl of cookies. I think our yoomens were very happy that Dad Ginger wasn't seriously ill. I heard Mum telling our yoomen dad that probably Dad Ginger had eaten a lizard that day and it got stuck in his throat! 
Dad Ginger the day after his mishap - here he's resting in the sunny garden
Dad Ginger is getting quite old
 Unca Shadow and I rest on Mum's 'lectric blanket every night
Cousin Tipsy and Aunty Chappie don't get on at all
Here Tipsy was creeping up on Aunty Chappie...
...who hissed at Cousin Tipsy

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  1. Poor Ginger, he certainly had eaten something strange. Good that he is OK again ! I also have some fights and hissings in my cat family, mostly between Pookie and Rosie !

  2. Well I am glad there Dad Ginger is OK again.perhaps you should tell him not to eat Lizards again. ory Island now but still away in Donegal.

  3. so glad dad ginger is ok.. when Jake eats a whole lizard he throws up. cats may be different though.. hope all is well with the Hedges Kitties

  4. Hello, I hope that Dad Ginger is ok now. No more eating lizards! Take care and have a happy day!

  5. glad everyone is back to normal.

  6. Phew... Ginger must have given quite a scare!!


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