Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good fences, great birds

Sitting in the garden earlier this week, I photographed our resident Common Fiscal against the boundary wall between us and Angus.
Common Fiscal against the boundary wall
I'm always thrilled when I manage to produce a clear photo of the subject while the background (in this case, the wall/fence) is fuzzy

Swinging around on the garden bench, I focused on a movement which I'd seen in the corner of my eye.

Black-throated Canary against the palisade fence which separates us from our young neighbors at the back
Soon another Black-throated canary joined my subject; it's fuzzy image can be seen against an almost solid palisade fence behind it

I'm joining my post to Good Fences Thursday hosted by TexWisGirl here

Have a great day! 


  1. Two lovely birds and that second shot is marvellous.

  2. Hello Jo, pretty birds and great fence captures. The 2nd shot is beautiful. Have a happy day!

  3. both neat birds! the first reminds me of a shrike. :) thanks for the fencery, too!

  4. Beautiful birds.

  5. Thanks for sharing some of the interesting things from Africa.

  6. We have canaries only in cages, it is too cold for them to live outside !

  7. Beautiful bird and I love the wall in the background. Great photos!

  8. Nice spotting of both birds by the fence. I bet the canary has a pretty song.


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