Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Greyheaded Gull

While on holiday recently, Rina and I spent a good couple of days on the beach.  While Rina plodged in the waves, I sat on the sand with my camera at the ready. 

The most birds on the beach were Grey-headed Gulls. (there were a couple of plovers but I'm still looking for their definite identification before posting.) 

I first captured an adult gull sitting quite close to me on the sand...
Grey-headed Gull (breeding adult)
Nearby was a non-breeding (or juvenile) adult which defended its territory with vigor! 

Then as I pointed and focused and snapped I captured several interesting interactions between the non-breeding (young) adult and the breeding adult right in front of me! Soon several other gulls appeared - whether to watch the altercations or not, I'm not sure. 
 Then the first non-breeding adult dive bombed another non-breeding adult which had found a morsel of food on the sand
A breeding adult gives chase while the first  two non-breeding adult take flight; another gull swoops in from the north!
The original juvenile made a turn and came back to chase his pursuer away from its patch
 The victor swoops down and grabs a tidbit that I'd thrown for it
 Meanwhile another breeding adult flew over me 
Don't you just love the way it cocks its head?

The first non-breeding adult scoops another morsel on the sand, the second non-breeding adult in hot pursuit while the breeding adult dives down to see what it could glean

Time for a short rest
And then a determined step before taking off into the air again
The breeding adult flies in ...
... but decides to fly past me
While the territorial non-breeding adult came straight for me! 

I'm linking my post to Wild Bird Wednesday hosted by Stewart Monckton here

Happy Wednesday to you all! 


  1. Hello Jo, the Greyheaded Gull is pretty. Awesome collection of images. I love being at the beach! Have a happy day!

  2. Wonderful shot of the bird...

  3. they're quite pretty with their grey head!

  4. my favorite are number 5 and the very last one, they are in the air. super shots on all of these, Jo... and that sand and surf looks so beautiful

  5. Great photos! What a delightful time to spend on the beach with a loved one!

  6. A great series of shots and my favourite if your name was not on it, is the last one.


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