Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Birding in Zululand

Hi everyone. Our holiday in Zululand has ended; we're home in Marquard and settling in to the humdrum life again. The cats and dogs were thrilled to see us, BTW!

I have several  many bird photos which I'll post in the coming week/s. For now, I have two ordinary birds to show, but interesting all the same!

Egyptian Goose on the golf course

Long crested Eagle - they were perched on a dead tree very far away so the quality of the photo isn't at all favorable
They seemed to be alo-preening

For more birds around the world, please visit here


  1. Sounds great that you had a wonderful trip. Photos of the birds are super...

  2. Home to porridge again but sounds like you had a great trip. These are great bird shots

  3. The crested eagle is having a bad hair day.

  4. Wow! That eagle is special and a new bird to me.

  5. Hello Jo, the Egyptian Goose is a cool bird and I love the Crested Eagle. Awesome sightings and shots. Have a great day and week ahead!

  6. Neat show for certain Jo, those Eagles are special.

  7. Beautiful birds, and we don't have them here!


    Bia <°)))<

  8. Love the Egyptian Goose and the Long Crested Eagle. So different from what we see!

  9. Just wonderful, it is so fun to see birds from around the world.


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