Saturday, May 9, 2015

Critters in a different location

We traveled down from the Free State, leaving Marquard at 4am on Thursday. At 9, we stopped off at Grant's aunt, Gill and husband, Neville and collected MIL's birthday gift which we'll take back with us at the end of our holiday. 

As we left the retirement village where they live I asked Grant if we should phone old Zululand friends, Sally and Ray, who'd retired in the neighboring village. He thought it might be too early so we drove on. We turned in at the town's shopping mall. As I alighted from the car, Rina - eyebrows raised - looked down at my feet; they were encased in nylon knee-high stockings and white ankle socks. I had my toes pushed through my slip on sandals. This, of course, looked slightly odd ridiculous with my knee-length pants! I shrugged and said: "Well, it was freezing when we left Marquard; and we all know the weather will warm up as we move down to the coast. My motto at my age is "comfort,comfort,comfort!" I also added, "it's not as if we're going to bump into anyone we know..."

I looked up and saw that the lady approaching me was looking at me with her jaw dropping. I squealed with delight : Sally! After we'd all hugged and I'd introduced Rina, Sally said Ray was waiting in the car. We walked up and of course, great excitement and much reminiscing  all over again! Driving along further down to Durban, we laughed about the chance, but very welcome, meeting. 

At 1.30 we pulled into Grant's brother, Chilly's home on the beach. Around 3.45 Shelley (who helps me with birding ID's) arrived home. She asked if we'd like to accompany her onto the beach to walk the dogs. 

What a question! 
From Chilly and Shelley's property, you walk through a small indigenous forest ...
...down the steps...
...onto the beach! 
The dogs digging for crabs on the beach

The holidaying trio from the Free State!
Rina wanted a photo with the sea in background!

Back in Shelley's garden, she and Rina walked around looking at the pretty shrubs while I sought birds and critters to photograph! 
A butterfly reposing on a shrub

Kwa-Zulu Natal is the land of the best Indian curries. Grant had bought takeaway lamb curry and chicken curry with rice and sambals. While Rina and I heated the curry, Shelley made her famous cream puffs for dessert. The men watched the US open...

Grant (right) and his younger brother, Chilly 

On Friday we drove up from the North Coast of Natal to Monzi in Zululand. (We lived in Monzi for part of the 70's and most of the 80's so I'm going to go down memory lane often this week!) Rina and I are staying in the guest cottage of my friend, Brenda while Grant has gone on a fishing trip in Mozambique. He's armed with my previous camera and has instructions to photograph anything of interest AND to look out for birds. 
A lizard sunning itself while we sat on Brenda's GH patio yesterday

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy Saturday to you all. I know we're going to have a wonderful one...


  1. Hi dear Jo, it looks like you are having a marvellous time so far. I love that walk through the forest at Chilly's property. Just spectacular. How wonderful too to live right on the beach!

  2. I think I may have had to think about that question for at least a second or two!

    If you do the Facebook thing you can find some picture of the newest family member - although I'm sure he will make it to the blog soon.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Hello Jo, I love the shots of the three of you at the beach...The doggies are having a grand time digging in the sand..Pretty butterfly and a cool lizard.. Looks like a fun time to me, great shots! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

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  5. wonderful to run into them! loved the pups on the beach. too cute.

  6. oh how I would love to have that forrest to walk through and out onto that beach.. heavenly is what it is. to funny you ran into them. i hope she liked your socks. LOL

  7. I see you enjoy your trip very much ! I am home again since this afternoon !

  8. I love that picture of the dogs digging on the beach.

  9. HI Jo Looks like you all are having a fabulous time. Lovely scenery and critters. Have a great time this week.

  10. Nice road trip. The KZN is so lush.


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