Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How life changes...

My life in South Africa is vastly different to what it was in Tanzania. Nowadays we seem to be entertaining more as people pop over for tea or a meal. 

On Friday, Labor Day all over the world, and called Workers' Day here in SA, Amanda's mum and dad, Celia and Lourie arrived at our home. Lourie had just acquired the car of his dreams - a previously owned Mercedes Elegante. Soft top, sports model... He knew Grant would love to see it, hence the visit!

While Amanda and I made tea, the men inspected the car's engine and tested the roof! 

The men discuss the merits of Lourie's "new" toy 
Grant gives Ceilia a hug before helping her into the car
Angus who was riding the kids around on Granny's bike, lets his FIL out with the gate remote!

Last week I posted about knitting finger-less gloves for a school in Welkom. They're being knitted in royal blue - we've already sent a consignment to Rina's daughter, Melony, with the kind help of Angus who sends a post bag through to their company in that town! Melony will sell these for us while we knit up several dozens more...

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, our house-lady, Erica had asked Rina to knit two pairs of these gloves for her son, Tumi (seven years old) and nephew, Karabo, who's eleven. She brought the wool (maroon) on Thursday and at 8am Rina started to knit, finishing at 1.30;  just in time for Erica to take them home to the children before the long weekend!  
The finger-less gloves (these are maroon for Erica's children) as they're knitted
A pair of finger-less gloves made up already
Rina models the gloves for me to photograph and post about! 

I'm linking to Our World Tuesday here

This afternoon we're having an early birthday party for MIL Pam. Instead of the ubiquitous cake and tea, we decided on pizzas and American Cream soda! I make my own pizza dough and build my own pizzas. Rina will make her famous chocolate pudding and we hope the dear ladies of the MGO will enjoy this change in their evening meal. 


  1. Looks like a fun time for all, Jo!! Love your captures! Thanks for sharing a lovely part of your world!!

  2. HI Jo Yes your life in South Africa is SO different to T. Lots more baking, knitting and entertaining but you seem t be revelling in it.

  3. Hello Jo, you do sound busy and happy to be home! Happy birthday to Pam! Have a wonderful week!

  4. thanks for the photos of the gloves, i love the burgundy color and you are both so talented to create these.. you have been busy since you moved back to SA.. but i think you long for Tanzania...

  5. the pizza will be a treat! yes, you have more family and friends around you now.


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