Thursday, May 14, 2015

Good fences, great holiday

Yesterday afternoon I convinced Rina to take a walk down the farm road with me. We exited and walked along one of the iconic Monzi avenues. When we first moved to Monzi in October 1977, we lived in 1st Avenue and as I've been driving along these sandy roads, memories flood me about son, John learning to ride his bicycle along here - without fairy wheels!  

This afternoon I'm going to meet a friend on whose farm we lived along here when John was five-and-a-half (and yes, learning to ride his bike!) and Angus was born.

As we passed the rented house on my friend, Brenda's property...
...the black Labrador, Zoe jumped up and followed us  
Of course, the three dogs (one above) behind this fence set up a vocal protest as we passed with our large black dog 

Brenda's husband - a sugar-cane farmer - also farms with bananas 

As we left Brenda and her husband's farm road, and stepped onto the avenue, I looked up at the large house on the opposite side
Surrounded by kilometers of upmarket walls and fencing

A close-up of the bananas protected by plastic bags from birds and monkeys

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Happy Thursday to you all. 


  1. i like the 'bonnet' on the bananas. :) a nice farming area there! and sweet black lab.

  2. A walk down memory lane ! What a lot of fences, I couldn't participate in this theme, there are not enough fences around here !

  3. Another walk down memory lane for you. Great fences.

  4. Its always good to explore places you use dot know - but I also know what you mean about missing places you are from.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Hello Jo, a nice walk. I like the dogs. You have some wonderful memories from when you lived there. I remember seeing the bananas growing in Costa Rica, they were also covered. Great fence shots, enjoy your day!

  6. How neat to see place like this. So very different from where I live. The dog behind the fence seems a bit perturbed by the black dog for sure. That was quite a nice looking home. I enjoyed the different fences and seeing the bananas growing.

  7. Really nice neighborhood you live in. Love seeing the bananas with its own bonnet. Wonderful fence shots!

  8. Little dog says, "HEY NO TRESPASSING!"

    Same as over here in the big city, everywhere!

  9. Loved the journey through Africa. What a challenge that must be.

  10. Bananas & sugar kind of farm! :-) Great fences!

  11. Great group of fences.... And I've never heard of putting plastic on the bananas to protect them.. Great idea though I'm sure....


  12. How I would love to see all this in person...really interesting.


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