Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Blogger issues

Hi everyone. 

I am experiencing the most frustrating blogger issues. I can access every and any other site on the Internet, including my own Face book page. Yet I cannot open my own blogspot.

At first I was also able to read your posts. Now it all hangs. 

Any suggestions welcome. 

Best regards (until I can log on again!)



  1. some folks have been mentioning issues with commenting and loading photos and the like.

    just in case, try using google chrome if you're not already doing so. internet explorer and some of the others have more issues with blogger. since chrome and blogger (and picasa, gmail, youtube, etc.) are owned by google, they play best together.

  2. Oh dear Jo! his can be very frustrating. I think the advise that Tex gives is good. I would alos ive your computer a 'clean' to remove the history on your computer althpugh i am sure this is once again a B:OGGER thing

  3. Hello Jo, I have to agree with Tex's answer above. Google Chrome seems to work best with blogger. I hope you can get it out working again soon. Have a happy day!

  4. Have you tried googling the problem?
    It helps me

  5. john idea is what i wold do. go to blogger help and type your problem and there will be a troubleshooter, blogger help is on dashboard or go to google support and look.


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