Monday, January 4, 2016

Karoo Thrush Juvenile

Over the Christmas weekend, the weather was terribly hot. We spent most of the day - and until late evening - out on the patio. Grant sprayed water on the concrete block which covers an underground tank so that the birds could enjoy a bit of coolth. 

Within minutes a thrush, and then another and another landed on the concrete slab. I picked up my camera, focused and snapped. 

When I downloaded the photos I realized that I'd photographed a youngish bird. I ID'd it on Google as  a juvenile Karoo Thrush.

A juvenile Karoo Thrush with an adult in the bottom left corner of the photo
A cheeky stance from the juvenile Karoo Thrush
An adult Karoo Thrush on a small patch of lawn 

Here's withing you all a wonderful first week in 2016!


  1. they are very cute. a lot like our american robin (also a thrush).

  2. They look very similar to our European Thrush. They must be cousins.

  3. great idea to spray water for these cute birds..

  4. Hello jo, cute shots of your Thrush! I am sure they enjoyed the cool water on a hot day. Happy Monday, have a great new week!

  5. Good idea to give the birds some water also making for nice poses.

  6. Great shots of this cute bird.


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