Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good fences great reflections

Today I'm doing a fence post with a difference. With all the water puddles lying around after the rains, I photographed the fence at the municipal workshop (just up the road from us) which is reflected in a deep pool of water. 
The inverted fence around the municipal workshop
Much to the interest of the workers walking to work, I knelt down on the street to fit the mast pole in on the right

An afternoon shower yesterday left pools of water on our patio, lawn and the concrete slab near our garden tap. 
Our back fence is reflected in a puddle of water 
And again where we're succeeding in growing a lawn after the horrendous dry condtions
The pink stripes are the palisades between the brown slats as the late afternoon sun catches the fence

I'm linking my post to Good Fences Thursday here


  1. Ah, great, watery fences for the day, Jo!!
    And a great idea!! Always good to make the most of what we have!!
    Hope your week is going well!!

  2. Hello Jo, I like your watery upside down fences. Great reflection shots. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Oh, O love your fence and reflection. I have one in my archives and I cannot remember if I've posted it yet or not. Hmmm.

  4. Great idea for a different kind of shot! Great captures.

  5. i do like all those reflections!

  6. great idea to do reflected fencing.. i love the first two shots, very artistic and beauiful

  7. I love reflections, one of my favourite subjects. Diane

  8. Great way to present your fence shots through their reflections in the water. I liked them very much.

  9. And in the pool can be and are great views. I like reflections in the water. Regards.


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