Friday, January 15, 2016

Waxing moon this week

Waxing moon earlier this week
8% visible - three days since new moon on 10 January 2016
We see the approximate percentage of the illuminated surface of the moon as seen from the earth 

By Friday 15 January we should be able to see 34% of the moon - although not yet quite the first quarter. However, with cloudy conditions over Marquard on Thursday night, I wasn't able to get photos. *sigh* 

I'm linking to SkyWatch Friday here


  1. Ah, lovely moon shots, Jo!! We're still seeing nothing but gray, clouds and RAIN!! We're start on the third week and I'm getting tired of getting wet every time I step out the door!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!!

  2. Nice shots! We had a beautiful warm day today and I saw the crescent moon on my way to meet a friend. My photos were far from the moon taken with the camera phone. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. I think you did well with these moon shots. I am no good at these shots

  4. Hello Jo, I just love your moon shots. Awesome! I will check out the moon tonight, I see it over our house just after it gets dark here. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. What gorgeous shots.

  6. it looks like it got hooked in the tree while waxing... great shots. we are getting tons of rain an i hope you are 2

  7. Nice and sharp shot of the moon.

    Have a good weekend!

    Alex's World! -

  8. I thought the moon was especially lovely this week!


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