Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Critters and greening up!

I'm sure readers are sick  tired of hearing about me wax lyrical about the rain! OK,  so it's raining here in the Free State (and generally all over the country where summer rainfall is expected) and I won't say another word! 


You have to see how the place is greening up all around. 

Photo taken on 27 December 2015 just after full moon when we should have had rain
 Skabenga on a hole which is kept green with borehole water. Note the surrounding grass is still cracklingly dry (27th December 2015)

 The cattle approach the fence to socialize with the dogs. The grass tufts under the animals paws/hooves are bone dry! (27th December 2015)
 Skabenga and Eddy on the 5th hole at the water hazard. See the hole is green and the surrounding grasses are greening up as well! (20 January 2016) 

And now for some critters other than my dogs; The Rottweiler in the photo below seems to be quite a friendly lady. But then I'm not afraid of dogs - even Rottweilers. 
 The female Rottweiler ad a Jack Russel guard this property
 Be warned: even if you are able to penetrate this fencing, you will be eaten! 
This beautiful dog has featured a few times in my posts. He's the lad whom I photographed on a pillar at his owner's entrance. I had so many comments saying that image was their favorite. Here he watches us from the road just beyond the golf course 
Here the same dog (right) socializes with another dog - I think it's a Husky - owner not known to me  (I could have used these photos in my Good Fences post!) 
Here finally is what the holes look like now: 20th January 2016 

On the way home, I stopped to take a photo of this dog whom we pass both ways every day on our walk. Skabenga ignores him and the other three dogs (just below this house) because I've taught him to do this. But that day I had to hold on tight to his leash while snapping as the subject was bouncing up and down, barking ferociously to see us off his property!  

Note the dog bouncing up and down to show his displeasure at our interest in him! 

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. Ah, I do love the doggies!! A fun post for the day, Jo!! I hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

  2. Anybody who has lived through a drought of any kind tends to appreciate the rain a little more others! And I have never experienced the issues faced by farmers and those who live 'of the grid'. Rain is OK.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Lovely set of photographs. I know how welcome rain is for Africa.

  4. Hello, Jo! I know you are tickled with all the rain. It is nice seeing the grass turning green as it is meant to be. I love your cute Skabenga and Eddy and all your neighbor dogs. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. i love all critters with 4 legs, but dogs are my most favorite of them all. that means i loved every photo today. to cute on the bouncing dog in the last shot... i see the dogs are behind barbwire fencing and wonder why they don't slide under and get out. my friend has a ranch and her boxer slid under the barbwire for her horses and was hit and killed by a truck...

  6. Fun to see all these cute dogs, Jo. You must be happy to see all that green!

  7. Fun to see the dogs. Green is right! Enjoy the rain! Happy Critter Day!

  8. what a great landscape, Love from europe


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