Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good fences, wonderful rains [at last] !

Many of you will remember I waxed lyrical about the welcome downpour of rain we had on Monday afternoon through the early hours of Tuesday morning. Grant measured 75mls in our rain gauge. You just had to log onto any Marquard resident using Face book and you'd have seen the absolute elation at finally receiving much needed rains. The weather is building up as I prepare this post on Wednesday evening and once again, we're hoping for a good drenching.

It probably seems crazy to most of you (especially those people living in Europe and the UK) to hear South Africans celebrating a rain storm. We're not always this way; but South Africa and especially the Northern Cape and the whole of the Free State has been caught in the grip of a debilitating dry spell since the beginning of summer (October 2015). Now we hope this is a thing of the past...

I posted on Face Book about a refreshing walk that Eddy, Skabenga and I had on the golf course on Tuesday morning. As I wandered along after the dogs , cavorting happily in the dams and along the muddy banks,  I took photo after photo. 
The dogs sniffing at all sorts of exciting smells in the wet ground. I noticed that I could capture both bridges over a small brook which has been a dry bed and now gurgling happily down to the dam at the golf clubhouse 
Here I snapped the bridge in the foreground with a reed fence and a creosote pole fence behind it
A close-up of the reed fence and the clubhouse boundary wall

On the way home, as I opened the golf course gate onto the street, I just had to photograph the beautiful fence [post] - and gate.

Don't you just love it?

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  1. Good morning Jo. I can see that the lovely greenery is returning after your wonderful downpour the other day. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, yes!! I do love it indeed!! I do so wish I could send you some of our rain!!! We're about to float away here in Oregon and Washington!! Always fun to see the doggies playing and enjoying their world regardless of the weather!! Hope you have a great weekend -- maybe a great, WET weekend???

  3. Hurray for YOUR rain. Not so keen on mine! Love the last shot best.

  4. Hello Jo, looks like a fun walk with the dogs. I am so glad you received some rain. Great fence shots, I like that red bridge. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. You have very posh dogs ! On the golf green every day !

  6. the next to last pic of the fence post is gorgeous and my favorite. on your walk you had dogs, trees, grass and fencing. so much camera fodder..

  7. celebrating with you on the break in the drought!

  8. I, too, like that fence post with the peeling paint!

  9. Again it's great you are enjoying the rain. It's going to be a rainy couple of weeks in my neck of the woods but I hope not to complain because it could be worse (snow) and I'd rather have the rain. The dogs look to be enjoying themselves. Very nice fence shots.


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