Saturday, January 30, 2016

Crazy mix of critters, flora and nature

This week I'm continuing to post about the rains which have soaked our part of the world, the flora and lush surrounding which have resulted from this and the critters enjoying it all! 

As always, I've been to the golf course with the dogs every morning this week. 
Skabenga decides - without Eddy's guidance - to test the waters... 
...sinks in over his head...

...and pulls himself onto the bank looking most embarrassed   
Our bovine friends had moved further down to join a herd of black cattle
Little egret reflected almost perfectly in the water
The occipital (ornamental) plumes indicate a breeding male
Egret in flight 
Red-billed Quelea warming up in the early morning sun (before going to the Hedges for breakfast!) 

Skabenga barked at a man walking in the field next to the course - the flock of birds flew up into the air!
Wildflowers are sprouting up all over the course
My dog takes great interest in his mama's photography subjects!
These beauties are growing next to the 17th hole
So many small blooms make a cluster of flowers 
I tried (and failed) to capture the beauty of this tiny little flower
Another exquisite little flower in the veld
Waning Gibbous 74% visible; 20 days old

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  1. The yellow flower with the dog legs made me laugh - reminds me of my cat if I am trying to take any pictures at home - just needs to be involved!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Great shots as always!! I hope you're enjoying a great weekend -- you and the doggies!!

  3. Looks like your Doggy didn't expect the water to be so deep. Some beautiful flowers & the Moon shot is really great. I recently bought a 75-300mm lens so I want to try to get some Moon photos too

  4. Hello Jo, I always enjoy seeing your cute Skabenga. My old labs used to love swimming. The birds and flowers are beautiful. Gorgeous moon shot! Great collection of photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Skabenga looks so cute playing in the water and the flora looks so crisp and lovely after the rains. The egret is beautiful!

  6. Lovely to see flowers blooming in January! Beautiful photos.

  7. I always to see such happy dogs and yours always do look HAPPY!!! I hope all of you -- four and two legged -- are enjoying a great weekend!!

  8. How wonderful to have rain that brings all those beautiful blooms. And fun for pets too.

  9. Love the red-billed quelea, and the wildflowers! Silly pup! :-) Our Rhodesian used to love to run through puddles and shallow water, but one day she plopped in over her head in a stream and was very upset! :-)

  10. skabanga is so cute. love the egret.


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