Monday, January 25, 2016

Scavenga Hunt Sunday # 1


The grandchildren are the light of our lives: Bethany is in the foreground; at the gate, Eryn (our oldest grandchild) presides over the race regulations! Abby is at her right, with Israel holding onto her shoulder. Next to Israel is Elijah and Joel standing with his back against the gate
We only have two sons but between them they gave us nine grands. What blessings! 

Eryn carries Elijah as she races the other children! 
Eryn, the oldest (almost thirteen) and Liam, just turned one, is the youngest Hedges . Eryn, Joshua, Bethany, Elijah. Israel and Kerren-Happuch belongs to our older son, John. Liam, Abby and Joel are Angus, our younger son's children
Abby and Joel and Liam (shown in photo above) live right next door to us; we see them often

An African Reed-warbler sitting atop an electrical pole - with the gorgeous African sky behind it. I love birds/birding and love Africa - especially her big sky ! 

The cattle gathered under this windmill during a very dry spell earlier this summer


Christmas lights adorn the tree at our community Carols evening before Christmas. The carols sung are alternately sung in Afrikaans (as above) and the next on  in English

Traveling home on the country roads, we often come across agricultural vehicles which are not legally permitted to use public roads. Fortunately this one moved over to give us space as we passed
Like her big sky, Africa offer big spaces as well. Here the dogs run down to the golf course which we visit every day. Note the dry surrounds - it has greened up beautifully since mid-January when the drought was broken by good rains which are still falling! 
Our plumpest cat, Chappie always finds the smallest space to lie in. Here she is in the chest of drawers

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  1. I do love seeing the pics of your grandchildren!! My son just sent me some of my new grandson!! Whooppeee!! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you have a great new, Jo!!

  2. We should have all five grandsons (no grandaughters yet) with us this Summer. I can't wait!

  3. Lovely that all the grandchildren got together to play and for you and Grant to see them all as well. Love the shot of the AfricanReed Warbler and I am glad it is still raining with you.

  4. Hello JO, what a great collection of images. All your grandchildren are beautiful, you must be very proud of your family. I like the view of the windmill and cattle. Skabenga and Chappie are cuties. Great post! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Chappie just fits the drawer and looks happy there. that is a lot of grandkids to have from 2 sons. lots of joy in your life. they are all beautiful children.


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