Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rains again! Happy dogs

Once again, we've had a wonderful shower of rain last night. The earth is really being soaked; my lawn is sprouting green shoots again and the farmer are smiling! 

While looking for "rainy" photos, I noticed these action images of Skabenga and Eddy after the rains last week.  

Take a look...

 Wheee- Eddeeee! 
 Six legs off the ground! 

On Sunday I took my camera along again but as I got onto the golf course, let Skabenga off-leash and started to shoot away, the raindrops began to fall! 
 Raindrops on my camera lens! 

 Skabenga has learnt from Eddy how to really enjoy a RUN across the golf course! 

As this post is aired, these two beautiful dogs of mine will be on the golf course. I'm sure that after Monday night's good rains, the fairways will begin to green up again. Here's hoping!

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  1. Our Bok plays with the neighbour's (unruly) dogs like that. Yesterday three of them were all running like loonies in front of the house; they were all black with white chests and feet, I should have filmed them. 'The black and white club'.

  2. The dogs look great freinds and lovely to see them having fun together

  3. Hello Jo, I am so glad you had some more rain. Skabenga and Eddy are having a grand time running on the golf course. I love those photos, they look so happy and free. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your new week!

  4. I smiled all the way through, the photos are the next best thing to watching dog play together in person... makes me feel good. so glad you are getting more rain.....


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