Monday, January 11, 2016

YaY, YaY, YaY!

The rain finally arrived this afternoon at 12.15. It is now 16.31 and still drizzling; thunder and lightning and wet, wet,wet!
 A happy doggie after suffering in the recent hot conditions! 
 The patio as it started to rain
 My summer garden, normally lush and green was turned into a desert after three months of dry and ultra hot weather. The whole town looks like this! 
 The only bit of lawn left is where the lay pipe flows when the washing machine water runs out 
 And then it came down...
 ...and down...
 ...and down! 
 We had hailstones which piled up against a concrete plinth in my front garden 
 I have faith that within a few days these indigenous perennials (bulbine frutecens)  will grow strong and healthy once more. (yeah, that muddy flower bed in view with a few wobbly plants in it - normally lush and blooming succulents) 
 John, the gardener, left the laundry door open - floods! He hid in Grant's garage to the left of the laundry 
 The water always gathers below my office window and flows fast down the driveway 
 A spotted view of the driveway and our boundary wall towards Amanda and Angus house
 My brunsfelsia (yesterday, today and tomorrow) took great strain during the drought. I'm hoping it will perk up now
 Skabenga discovered this stream below my office window (more photos of him plodging in the rain later) 
 When the storm abated a little, the birds arrived on both feeders - even while the drops still fell 
 My sweet puppy! 
Queleas and sparrows on the other bird feeder 

The weather forcast on my phone app says it will rain for the rest of the week. Here's hoping! 

Grant measured the rain in the gauge a few minutes ago: 45mils! Wonderful!  


  1. that is fantastic, so very very happy for all of you.. that is a lot for one rain, hope it keeps on coming down... we got almost 50 mms overnight two days ago and we needed it to. ours is gone though. we are always dry in winter. love all the rain pics and the pup staring at us.

  2. Ah, so good to see rain when your weather has been hot and dry for a long time -- being originally from Texas, I do know about that!!! Now here in the Pacific northwest it has rained almost every day for two weeks and two weeks more rain is predicted!! But we did have blue skies and a beautiful day yesterday, so I'll survive -- I may grow a little moss on myself, but green is my favorite color!! I hope you have a great new week!! Ah, and I do love your sweet puppy, just look at that adorable face!!

  3. Wow, but I know you need it! Just too fast that not enough soaks in...

  4. YAY for the rain! It is true when it rains it pours! Sorry about the laundry room flooding. Skabenga looks a little guilty, what did he do? Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  5. i know you needed it desperately. i hope it does not cause flooding troubles!

  6. I;m so glad you finally got the rain!

  7. I'm hearing a sigh of relief, thank goodness for that rain.
    Love the pictures :)

  8. Now that was a LOT of rain. Hopefully things will green up quickly. Your puppy sure has grown! Here, we escaped at least 7 weeks of winter weather and just today we were hit with some very frigid temperatures. Yesterday, the horses were out in the pasture eating grass (normally unheard of at this time of year). Crazy weather.

  9. Looks like we're having similar weather. Yesterday I watched a wall of hail advancing towards me; if only I'd filmed it, but it came too fast. Do you really have FOUR garages?

  10. Wow, these were buckets of water falling down ! Probably very much needed.

  11. I must admit it seems rather strange to be celebrating the arrival of that quantity of rain, especially after here in the UK suffering from 2 months of wind and rain and not a single frost. However I do understand how desperate you must all be after such a recent drought. Enjoy Jo!

  12. All those rain dances paid off.


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