Sunday, June 5, 2016

All the Hedges kitties today!

Hi Bozo and all Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose. Today I have photos to post about all the Hedges kitties. Mum said it was OK not to mention the dogs as they had a big post about them on Aunt Eileen's meme yesterday. 
Mum photographed Unca Shadow dozing in a sun puddle 
I don't think Unca Shadow is interested in photos or blog posts!
My dad Ginger loves to sit on Mum's kist and look out into the garden
I like to sit on the trolley and look out of the other window onto the next door garden. I spend almost ALL day in that garden and I think Mum becomes quite frustrated when I don't hear her calling me to come home!
When I do eventually come home, Mum closes the Marquard Moggies in the sunny bedroom. Then cousin Tipsy is let out of his bedroom and may explore Mum's office and the garden outdoors
He's taken to resting in Aunty Chappie's box while she's taken over our Yoomen dad's easy chair in the office. Cousin Tipsy and Aunty Chappie aren't enemies as we are with him! 
Aunty Chappie loves boxes and posed (shyly) for Mum in the middle of these three boxes

Aunty Chappie is the only lady kitty in the house

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  1. What is a kist Jo? All the cats are looking well.

  2. i just love your kittie blogs, the photos are so pretty and they are all so sweet. i am wondering now if the reason they don't get along is the all MALE thing. putting that many MALES from MARS in one house might not be good. i do love the way you let them all move from place to place.. do they fight if they get the wrong ones together?

  3. Lovely Kitty photos. I noticed that Unca Shadow is casting a shadow.

  4. Just lying around and staring out is so much fun too!



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