Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day celebrations

The Father's Day event at a beautiful local conference and wedding venue, Le Cheri,  was every bit as enjoyable as the Mother's Day dinner we attended there in May. 

I always take photos to promote our town's beautiful events and management said that as I was a vegetarian, teetotal and the photographer my meal would be free. At the last minute Rina said she'd pay for the remaining two tickets - hers and Grant's. 
The approach to the venue is welcoming with a large veranda, umbrellas and two large drums of fire to ward off any cold 
The decor is all soft whites; snowy linen, white-painted furniture, mirrors, candles and chandeliers offset by green topiary 
There were several families from neighboring town. This lovely family was from Ficksburg
Another beautiful Ficksburg family
My friend, Trudi (who featured in the Farmer's Market post yesterday) and two of her friends: Elsie and her teenage daughter
These are two farming families enjoying an outing 
Friend's Hannes and Paula, who've just become grandparents with their son and daughter-in-law and little Christine
Proud dad and his precious little girl
Back at our table, Rina and friend Christine posed for a photo
A lovely young family: Willemien and Paul with their two pretty daughters (Willemien helped with the catering so I had to nab her in passing to pose for me)
 Nicos, local businessman and our neighbor, and partner Annamie with her parents and her two sons
Another group of two families enjoying Fathers Day together
Our local doctor (center back row), Henk with his wife, Ida, their four children and spouses

Anita (with spiky hair) is a well-loved sister at the local clinic. Here she and her husband, Hardwich enjoy Father's Day with young farmer friends, Marizelle and Jody and their young daughter
Two very large Marquard families (genetically and business wise), the Ravis and Naidoos filled the longest table at the event
Two more families lunching: Lydia (left) and her husband, Steve Naude own the local pizzeria (not here as he had a full house and couldn't attend this lunch) with Phillip and Hester Strydom who are the local butchers with farming interests. Their son, Pieter (leaning over and hugging his older brother's children) recently married Alicia standing between her mom and father-in-law 

Phillip and Hester's older son, Riaan, and daughter-in-law, Bobbelien own Le Cheri and are responsible for the lovely functions held there. During the week Riaan runs his own butchery in a neighboring town while Bobbelien practices as a lawyer and estate agent. They were so busy serving us all, I never photographed them. 
The four-course meal was scrumptious 
To prove I was there (lol!) Rina photographed me with Grant
There was live music as entertainment

The two men, Frans and Frik hail from nearby Senekal and entertained us with music right the way through. Frans was a maestro on the guitar and banjo, while Frik played guitar and a mouth organ simultaneously 

Traditionally Boeremusiek/Farmer's Music is the order of the day and these two musicians could deliver. I videoed several of their numbers.  Above is one: see how or if you like it! 

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  1. What a nice father's day celebration !!

  2. What a wonerful array of photographs for Father's Daycelebratios. You and Grant are looking well. yes I loved the music video.

  3. The restaurant and grounds look lovely and the weather looks very nice too. It looks like you were kept very busy with the videotaping and photo snapping. I'm glad Rina was able to get a photo of you and Grant. It's a beautiful photo of the two of you. Happy Father's Day to Grant!

  4. Hello, looks like a fabulous Father' Day celebration. I like the photo of you and Grant. The music is nice! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. wow, this is really a huge celebration for Fathers Day, here in USA we have it but not like this, they do things like this for mothersd day, but not Fatheres day.. glad you got in this set of photos, the photographer is always missing from the action....

  6. Wow what a great father's day function. You look a very distinguished couple. Sounds like fun.

  7. That's quite a Father's Day celebration!


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