Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Memories are made of this...

I'm late with my post for today, Tuesday; the reason being that our older son, John, wife Debbie our six grandchildren arrived on Sunday evening. They stayed until this morning. What a blessed and lovely time for all. 
Grant made a tasty pot of curry;
 everyone tucked in and enjoyed time together around the dinner table 

Israel turned four on Sunday and got a bicycle for his birthday. Little Kerren-Happuch is two and received a pedalless bicycle at the same time (diplomacy prevailed here, else the little girl would have cried to share her "older" brother's bicycle!) 
This granny doesn't mind bikes in and around her house!
On Monday we visited Bammie at the retirement center

We also visited Rina in her neat cottage. She entertained the children with a Santa on a Harley Davidson 

Back home we went for a walk on the golf course
The dogs were thrilled to have lively young company! 

This little girl is doing so well on her pedalless bicycle

John packing the roof carrier of his vehicle. A lot of organizing goes into taking a big family to East Africa for three months at a stretch

Last night we had quite a fright. The children were playing on the patio. One of Granddad's buggy/quadbikes made a good pushcart. They took turns in pushing each other around the garden. Elijah somehow inserted his fingers into the moving gears at the back. John swooped up the little boy and piece of finger lying on the bricks; Rina had her car going already and I phoned the doctors surgery to tell them that a grandchild of mine was coming in for treatment. 

Fortunately only a little piece of Elijah's finger had been lopped off with the nail. The doctor treated him, buddy strapped the finger and administered an injection. The receptionists told me today that he was such brave boy through it all. 
A brave little lad who was very blessed not to lose a finger-tip
The children are such a pleasure to feed; no fuss and bother. A huge saucepan of mieliepap/maize porridge, farm butter and honey

All loaded up and ready to roll 

Off to Mozambique! 

What a wonderful time we had with our children and precious grandchildren. 

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  1. Aw, Jo, it looks like you had an awesome visit. It really takes a lot of organization and stuff to pack for their journey. It's great they could stop and visit you before their departure. I see it is now Winter where you live and everyone is bundled up. Or at least it is raining there. Overnight we had such a deluge of rain that it rattled the building though I slept through most of it. I could really see that my garden was fully soaked when I awoke. Hugs. xx

  2. Marvellous post and wonderful to see all your family athome with you and having such great fun Jo

  3. That's a lot of people around your usual so peaceful life ! Fortunately I only have one son and grandson, lol ! The older I get the more difficult it's for me to handle a lot of people !

  4. Hello Jo, you do have a beautiful family. The grandchildren are all adorable. Happy Birthday to both Israel and Kerren. I hope Elijah's finger heals quickly. Wonderful photos. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!


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